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Hide me vpn review – how to access blocked sites

Update - 2017.04.24

Getting your personal VPN is something I assume almost every online user should be considering nowadays. Why?

What exactly is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s mainly a method to keep yourself secure from prying eyes when you’re using public Wifi. Also, you can access blocked sites by using VPN.

Well, do you know that through using a simple browser extension, a naughty person can access all your passwords and details when you’re blogging, Facebooking or internet banking from a public WiFi hotspot?

This won’t be like every other VPN reviews post that you simply view. I’m going to give attention to the premium service that I use – HIDE.ME

Hide Me VPN Service is great as compared to many other VPN service providers available. It has a worldwide network of servers which are individually selected and provide a high stage of security.

Hide.me is a new VPN service provider, and is actually trying to earn a name by offering some pretty exciting VPN features and services. Hide.me is a Hong Kong based company also one of the best things about them is the free VPN service option. Together with this free option, Hide.me offers full P2P file sharing capabilities and complete online anonymity.

Best VPN

hide me VPN review

Setup & Configuration

Hide.me provides manual VPN connectivity for all operating systems but affords a dedicated OpenVPN dialer for Windows upon demand. This OpenVPN protocol is simple to install and use, but there are different VPN protocols for a standard manual connection that includes PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, Cisco IPSec, or IKEv2, which can bring the best outcome.

Pricing & Plans

hide.me has three completely different plans: Free, Premium, and Plus. If you’d like the most effective experience, then we’d recommend taking the Premium package because it permits five simultaneous connections and doesn’t have a data transfer limit. The Free plan is restricted in some aspects but it useful for judging the service or when you’re low on funds. When you only use VPN from time to time and not always, then the Plus bundle could suit you as well.

To purchase your account, hide.me allows over many various payment types, most notable of those are Bitcoin, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.

These plans all include increasing discounts the longer you sign up for. The Premium ranges start from $11.67/month, and the Plus ranges from $5.42/month. For more Details Try the price comparison on Hide.me official website.

14 days money back guarantee

Hide.me offers refunds to new customers within 14 days upon activation of the account.
However, you’re only eligible for the refund when you have not exceeded 500MB of bandwidth usage.

How It Works

As with other VPN providers, Hide.Me requires the installation of basic client software, which allows customers to connect with the Hide.Me network. After running the software, users are then able to decide on their required settings and find a server they wish to connect with.

Upon connecting, internet traffic is tunneled via that server and the user additionally takes on the server’s IP address, making them anonymously online. Their true location may also be obscured and their online activity will appear as of whether it is originating from the server. This can be used to access content which is often geo-restricted.

In addition to this, all internet data is encrypted, giving the user an additional level of security. The encryption ensures so that all online activity is protected from unwanted snooping, hacking or other threats. In fact, even ISPs shall be unable to monitor internet activity while using the service.

Hide.me protects your online data and info by providing an encryption tunnel between your device and their VPN servers. This tunnel encrypts information and data being sent and received to and from the internet, so as to safeguard your information from people and organization that attempt to steal or hack information about your browsing activities.

Features of Hide.me

Let’s shortly list a few benefits that you may get from a VPN server installed on your laptop, computer, Android Phone, iPhone or iPad.

  • Device Compatibility: Hide.me supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OSX, iOS iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux Ubuntu, Router, Windows phone 8.1 and Blackberry. In addition, they provide a simple to make use of applications with one click on connect, auto server selection, auto reconnects, auto connect on start-up and kill switch features.
  • Security: Obviously, the main benefit is to keep your information and data secure by encrypting your goodies when you work in public places where people may be watching. They’ll also protect from viruses (more on that later). When it comes to encryption protocols, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv1, IKEv2, SOCKS, Softether, and OpenVPN are all supported with up to 256-bit encryption. This is a wonderful range of various protocols and guarantees that browsing, downloads, and communications are kept extremely secure. Hide.Me insist that they don’t keep any user logs and, unlike some other VPNs, they aren’t obligated to hand over data when asked by authorities.
  • Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth: We did experience great speeds from Hide.me, and streaming was never a drawback. We can’t say the identical for reliability, as we did face a few minor downtimes. One of the best browsing speeds is available from German servers.You possibly can experience unlimited bandwidth for the premium plan, but we do know of several low-cost VPN service providers who offer unlimited bandwidth for lesser month-to-month subscription costs. This is a disadvantage for Hide.me.
  • Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPsec (IKEv1 and the brand new IKEv2), SOCKS, OpenVPN are all supported protocols by Hide.me with up to AES-256 encryption. In fact, whenever you use the Free Plan there is no such thing as a choice so that you can allow OpenVPN protocol. However, the advanced security protocols are offered to the premium subscribers of Hide.me VPN. In case you are all for finding out more about the features of those protocols, you may click on here.
  • Allows torrent: Hide.me allows premium plan users to access torrents. All offer premium plan subscribers with a SOCKS proxy with port-forwarding for faster speed when conducting torrent activities.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server connect: Hide.me provides premium plan users with unlimited bandwidth and server connects.
    However, plus plan users are limited to 75GB traffic usage per month and free plan users are limited to 2GB traffic usage monthly.
  • Anonymity and privacy: Ever, because it was revealed that sure Governments could be looking at our data sales for VPNs, have gone via the roof. They help you change your IP, hide your location and browse the net totally anonymously. This is NOT so you are able to do bad things but somewhat so you’ll be able to have some remaining privateness.
  • Location changing: Can’t afford to go on a holiday? Well, together with your VPN you possibly can browse the net from a foreign country. That is helpful when you’re into things like SEO and want to go to the USA or the UK to have a look at results.

Customer Support

hide.me’s primary support is via a contact form. As with all other providers, it was simple to use. We received replies exceptionally quickly, even on the weekends and their support was really communicative and helpful.

Hide.Me Review Conclusion

At the end of our Hide.Me VPN thorough review, it’s high time we concluded as to what has impressed us the most and what has appalled us (if any). It goes without even questioning that Hide.me VPN is an excellent solution that may meet the needs of all Internet users (whether or not they’ve prior experience of using VPN)

Hide.me is a great VPN option for free users because the 2GB month-to-month limit is not going to be a huge downside for users who simply require a VPN to encrypt their online communications. However, if Hide.me is to line in some helpful sales numbers, they are going to certainly have to increase the variety of features offered, in addition, to reduce the prices.

Anonymity and privacy ought not to be compromised in any way. As well as, the advanced encryption and using up to five simultaneous devices (for the Premium Plan) are great bonuses to think about. There are multiple payment options for everyone to benefit from, as well as easy and simple guides for smooth installation and running of the VPN. On the downside, the value is just not so inexpensive for the Premium Plan and particularly in monthly subscriptions.

The Free Plan offered doesn’t offer the same high-quality features as the other plans, which can mislead several customers. Overall, Hide.me VPN is suitable for everyone who wishes to stay anonymous though surfing the web and unblocking geo-restricted websites. With the commitment of the constant servers’ growth of the VPN network and given the advantages that it provides, we’d recommend Hide.me VPN to all.

Note: As with any purchase, please ensure you do your own research and analysis before making a decision. I’m not a security expert – simply someone talking about a service that I’ve myself enjoyed. If you purchase Hide.me VPN via a link in this post I’ll earn a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thanks for the support.

8.4 Total Score

Hide.me is unquestionably a worthy competitor in the field of qualitative VPN services provided online. With its crystal clear no logs policy and with the advanced encryption protocols that offers, Hide.me VPN is a strong solution ideal for both beginner and tech-literate users.

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