HomeCourt app gets trash talked after Apple showcase over logo

Kitchen companies and apps to keep track of basketball court shots did not change much. However, both ended in nearly the same logo.

This is a case of Home Court which was a huge success at the Steve Jobs Theater after the Australian company Hatch Kitchen made this distinction.

HomeCourt is an iOS application for tracking tracking for basketball players using artificial intelligence. HomeCourt was the ideal presenter for Fall's Apple product presentation for the demonstration of the new iPhone with the A12 Bionic chip.

Steve Nash, one of HomeCourt's investors and David Hat, co-founder of the NEX team, is in front of the background representing this application's logo. Application acronym H And C It is configured to form a basketball court.

Founder of the NEX team of Steve Nash and Tim Cook.
Screenshot: Steve Nash / Twitter

This component began when a graphic designer crushed design praise. And the hatch kitchen rang on Twitter to display the logo side by side. The hatch logo appears to have a HomeCourt frame icon in the box, but the only difference.

"We love it too!", The first tweets immediately followed by two logos and the message "they should invest in a better designer" were mentioned.

website Design TAXI In the hatch kitchen logo, K. In some cases K It is not clear to the eyes of this blogger.

The third Michelle of the hatch kitchen used the word play to show that Homecott "dropped the ball".

HomeCourt is the first product of the AI ​​NEX startup group. It is used by several NBA teams.

Source: Design TAXI

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