HomePod OS 12 Released with Speaker Phone, Siri Shortcuts, More

Apple released HomePod OS 12 for HomePod smart speakers on Monday. Operating system upgrades include iPhone speakerphone support, Siri shortcut support, etc.

HomePod Control Center and iOS 12 on iPhone X

HomePod OS 12 adds the ability to align devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. HomePod can manage multiple timers, search for songs with lyrics, and can call Find My iPhone.

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Speaker phone support is a welcome improvement. You can now call or receive calls in your home pod and ask Siri who called you if you did not answer.

HomePod OS 12 also supports Siri shortcuts. This will help smart speakers feel much more convenient than before. Shortcuts can be simple operations or complicated operations set on the iPhone or iPad. You can call them with Siri voice command so you can access them from the home pod.

Update HomePod operating system

Updates for the HomePod operating system are installed automatically, but this may take several days to occur. In order to install HomePod OS 12 immediately, home Use the application on your iPhone or iPad, then Location Select Home setting. you are Software update Please select an option.

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