How Apple has hit 2 billion iOS devices sold, and when it will hit 2 billion iPhones

He stressed the company's achievements, including how Apple's welcome over 500 million visitors a year, but "this is n, but it was not known whether this could be taken or not Generally a large number of vacations, It means that it will be held by the end of the year.

Given the achievements of this milestone, it is useful to review the numbers and think about how Apple arrived near 2 billion iOS devices.

Some reservations

Unfortunately there is ambiguity in the number of devices Apple sells and the calculations when Apple reveals shipping. He advises the number of iPhones and iPads to ship every quarter, but the figure is a thousand units and does not consider the number of iPhones and iPads shipping every quarter. Please consider the number of iPhone and iPad he sends. iPod touch is a third iOS device whose sales are not split.

The second problem is that, AppleInsider Quarterly results. Our data was compiled from the quarterly results for the first quarter of 2012, and details of about 350 million units after release are lacking.

Since you know that the sales period is late at the start of the iPhone's sale, this is not too much a problem because it is more interested in the way the data is displayed in billions of times.

Total number of iOS devices

Apple says it sold 1 billion iOS devices in the 12th quarter of December 2014, especially on 22 November. For reference, Cook says Space Gray 64GB iPhone 6 Plus at the moment.

We know when the device was sold, but we do not know the number of devices sold before and after the quarter, so there is no exact amount to ship "trillion". . Besides adding holiday sales increase towards the end of the quarter, reliable work becomes difficult.

The next best thing is to know how far the iPhone is from the end of the quarter.

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