How To Change Facebook Themes With Chrome Extension

Change Facebook Themes With Chrome Extension – Google Chrome Web Store is complete with apps, games, utilities, extensions, and much more. Where the tons of add-ons can be found for specific purposes, you may need to miss a Chrome extension that may make your Facebook experience newer and better. Sure, there’s a Chrome extension dedicated on your Facebook. You only want so as to add it and see the change in your Facebook homepage theme. Briefly, you can simply change the Facebook theme utilizing Chrome extension.

There are so many extensions accessible already out there, however, this one’s simply the perfect one if you’re a Facebook user. You aren’t only capable of change Facebook theme using the Chrome extension. However, you also come to experience a totally revived social media experience. This Chrome extension lets you select the color and theme of your choice. Now you’d be pretty excited to know which extension we’re talking about precisely, how to install it, and how to use it. Here’s a method to vary Facebook themes utilizing Chrome extension.

Step To Change Facebook Themes With Chrome Extension

Step 1. First of all, Go to Google Chrome Web Store, Download, and Install STYLISH Extension.

Change Facebook Themes

Step 2. After that, Navigate to and click on the S button.

Change Facebook Themes

Step 3. Now, Click on “Find Styles for this Site” to open a new tab with free themes to use for Facebook.

Change Facebook Themes

Step 4. Click on any theme, and a preview can be shown. And click on Setup With Stylish.

Step 5. Now, See our Facebook page Look [After changing Theme].

Change Facebook Themes

Step 6. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

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