How is Mercedes-Benz EQC different from e-SUV? Let's check it!

Electric SUV market is warm – and soon. It seems that it was not long ago if you want something that is battery powered by yourself to be able to carry people and groups of others. Tesla Model X It was your only option. this is, Jaguar Eye Pace, And now the announcement of the first mass production of Mercedes · Benz, EQC Crossover was held at the exhibition hall to be held in 2020. I thought that it is appropriate to verify the current situation and to see what one of the industry's most noteworthy areas is emerging like it.

The most important number in every conversation about battery-powered electric cars is the range. Battery technology is better than ever, and the range comparable to internal combustion locomotives is certainly not known. How do our trio compare with a fearless carrier? Well, the X 100D model is still 297 miles in king, according to the EPA estimate. I-Pace is 240 miles and EQC is only 200 miles.

The price difference between Tesla Model X 100 D and Jaguar compares the range slightly unfairly as the cheaper X 75 D model keeps a distance of 237 miles from I-Pace, In case you are thinking of getting the cheapest version.

Speaking of price, Tesla 100D sells for $ 100,200 before options, taxes, or applicable tax incentives. 75D is a better unit of $ 85,400, but it is …

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How is Mercedes-Benz EQC different from e-SUV? Let's check it!

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