How is the airplane full of sick passengers? Explained by aerospace medicine experts

The Emirates Airlines EK 203 from Dubai was welcomed by public health authorities and local governments when they landed in New York with sick people today. Passengers and crew were suffering from coughing, fever, stomach problems. Eleven of them were rushed to the hospital. Fear raised several important questions. For example, how do you get help when you get sick while you are inside a metal tube that fly in the air? And what if we land once?

549 people of EK 203 were discovered on Wednesday when the temperature was raised after official evaluation. According to the Centers for Disease Control Center on Wednesday afternoon in the afternoon, everyone was able to leave except 11 people who went to the hospital. Prevent. For now, the cause is still a mystery, but the symptoms suggest influenza, Eric PhillipReporter of Bill De Bull Radio New York May Tweeted.

CDC is still under investigation. Like a mosquito spreading malaria, an aircraft may become a sick vector. Allen Parmet, a surgeon of the US Air Force, who teaches the USC Aviation Safety and Security Program and works as a consultant for aerospace medicine, says:

But such things are not new at all. People have traveled the world for thousands of years, bringing smallpox to the United States, spreading plague throughout Europe. Pamela says what is different now, is speed. The airplane accelerates the entire process and enhances the fear of infection …

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How is the airplane full of sick passengers? Explained by aerospace medicine experts

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