How Neil Armstrong became first man in real life

Neil Armstrong descends the cockpit of X - 14

Neil Armstrong has been trained as an astronaut in 1964. But he was still a pilot.

The most famous astronaut who is interesting that the first human walks the moon: I thought that in the life time, an outstanding achievement of the plane is happening.

Neil Armstrong told biography James Hansen. "I was disappointed with the high ride and I got a delay," I got on an airplane and missed the wonderful time and adventure.

Born in 1930, Armstrong became big after the glorious day of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, Eddie Rickenbacker and Red Baron. Fortunately for him, the space era was approaching.

Buzz Aldrin of the Moon

NASA celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Hansen was a film consultant starring Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling Armstrong. In the 2005 Armie First Man biography, Hansen is the citation of the same name movie held on October 12.

Armstrong had an adventure in flight. A navy astronaut during the Korean War, he flew the airline 's fighting mission. As a NASA test pilot, he flew on an experimental plane including X – 1 B and X – 15 rocket propulsion. He first entered the orbit of the Gemini spacecraft.

Of course, there was a landing of Apollo in November.

Anticipate NASA's 60th anniversary The debut of the movie 'First Man' was talked to Hansen of Armstrong who died in 2012. Below is a summary version of this conversation.

How many times will you say about Neil Armstrong?
Hansen: He was very focused, trained and very focused on mission and work. that is…

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How Neil Armstrong became first man in real life

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