How scooters jumpstarted the city of LAs new developer initiative

Mobility as a service When the first wave of enterprises appeared on the street, the local governments made little voice. Uber and Lyft challenged traditional means of transportation and created a new digital way to connect with citizens, but city leaders were excluded.

"In most areas, cities are excluded from regulations and relationships with other companies, which is happening at the state level," says Genella Reynolds of the Los Angeles Transport Division. . "Data is opaque to us and we have not got any information on what to do in the city."

The second iteration of the mobility option via the application now appears in urban areas and sidewalks within the municipal jurisdiction. Scooter start-up companies like Bird and Lime can please many urban residents throughout the country and easily move short distances of the city. On the other hand, other residents think that it is a dangerous inconvenience to ruin the sidewalk of the city when the electric car is not used, and it is an obstacle for the elderly and the disabled.

City members rushed to respond to complaints. Earlier this month, the Los Angeles City Council created a one-year license program so that companies can introduce up to 10,500 scooters. There are several rules in the authorization program, including the requirement to provide real-time information on vehicles to cities.

At the beginning of the summer, LA DOT released the first mobility data specification to GitHub, allowing cities and companies to apply real-time data sharing using data standards. .

Reynolds said, "How do you want to integrate technology into these companies using the API every quarter? Do you want data?

With this specification, cities can achieve their own transport goal by integrating them into product workflow. These goals include enabling mobility companies to ensure sufficient working hours for low-income communities. This includes measuring the repair situation of vehicles and identifying security issues. The city monitors where all the vehicles are parked and prompts the user to move the vehicle to a safer parking lot, if necessary, via the application.

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