How the Best Sound Systems Improve Productivity in the Work Place

Listening to music makes us feel good as the brain releases the hormone dopamine. This can cause you to run that extra mile or bring back fond memories. Often the question arises; can music boost productivity in the workplace?

The short and simple answer is that it can but only under the right conditions. Let’s find out.

What you need to keep in mind is that music will distract you. When you hear a nice tune that you like, you will want to listen to the lyrics. And this is where the challenge lies.

If your type of work involves manual and repetitive tasks, this excitement in the brain will encourage you to work faster and harder. However, if you are reading or using your mind a lot, the music can actually be a distraction.

Then if the music is a distraction is it the same as talking to your workmates and other types of environmental noise? No, it isn’t! While it may offer its own distraction, it has a positive effect on the mind compared to environmental noise.

Music is not background noise. This might sound obvious but look at it this way. When you hear the sound of rain outside or a banging of someone doing construction, you will get distracted of course but this doesn’t boost your productivity in any way.

In fact, what it is likely to cause is less productivity. On the other hand, music has been shown to heighten cognitive processes as it stimulates all 4 lobes of the brain.

Music can block out all these negative distractions giving you a more positive outlook on work.

To maximize the experience for workers, a business can invest in a good sound system. It will provide crisp and clear sounds which appeal to every worker in the room. Cloud Cover Music has an article about the best sound systems for businesses and you should read it.

But what if some of the workers are getting too distracted to perform at their optimum? What if they don’t fancy the type of music playing in the background?

Well, you should allow workers to use their headphones and pick the type of music that they like. In a study done to find out whether music actually improves productivity, there are 3 genres of music that came out as the most popular. These are pop, country music, and rock.

In a situation where workers do not have access to headphones playing these three types of music will definitely improve the mood in the workplace.

Music causes the brain to release dopamine which is a feel-good hormone. This makes the workers happier. Happy workers are more likely to enjoy their jobs which translate to more productivity.  

Investing in good quality sound systems for the workplace is, therefore, a great choice.

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