How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password with UUkeys

Need to access your computer urgently but forgot Windows 7 login password? Is this the end for your computer? What to do now? You have important files on your computer, how to access them now? Before you have these exasperating feelings, let us put your mind at ease by saying that there is nothing to be despondent about as your Windows 7 password can be retrieved quickly. Many false rumors say the only way to remove Windows 7 password is to re-install operating system again but that is wrong and re-installing operating system again is the poorest and old-fashioned way to fix this problem as it may cause more damage to your computer.

In this tutorial, we will share two solutions to resolve the issue – how to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password, and by the end of this guide, you will be granted access to your computer. We will elucidate as much as we can so that everyone can implement the methods shared in this guide.

How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password

Method #1
Bypass Windows 7 Password through Guest Account

The main concept of this method is to use the guest account to reset the administrator password. Guest accounts are always password free, and anyone can access them. So simply follow this procedure to reset Windows 7 password.

Step 1. Turn on your computer and access your system through a guest account.

Step 2. Right-click on “My Computer” and select “Manage.”

Step 3. From the left side pane, make a click on “Local Users and Groups.”

Step 4. Now from the right pane, click on “Users.”

Step 5. Right click on the administrator account and click on “Set Password.”

Step 6. Enter the new password and click on “Confirm.”

Step 7. Now just reboot your computer and login into your main administrator account but this time use the new password and press Enter.

You should be able to access the computer now. But this method only works if you have a guest account with administrator privileges. If you didn’t set up a guest account, then this part probably won’t even work.

Fortunately, there’s another way to reset Windows 7 password by using UUkeys Windows Password Mate.

Method #2
Bypass Windows 7 Password with UUkeys Windows Password Mate

UUkeys Windows Password Mate is a competent and efficient tool to bypass Windows 7 login password. This little program can crack any password in all Windows platform computers. No appropriate advanced computer skills or guest accounts are required to employ this software. The program works rapidly and can remove the password from the login screen within minutes, and no data loss will occur using this tool. Learn how to use this tool to reset Windows 7 password.

Essential Requirements:

  1. An available computer or laptop with administrator privileges.
  2. A blank writable CD/DVD or USB flash drive. (USB flash drive is recommended for best experience)
  3. UUkeys Windows Password Mate files.

Steps involved –

Step 1. From a different set a working computer or laptop, download UUkeys and install it on your desired location. After that, launch the program to start making a bootable disc.

Step 2. Insert the USB flash drive and wait until the program detects the drive. Once the software identifies it, select the name of the flash drive from the drop-down option and click on “Burn USB” to start writing the files from UUkeys to the flash drive.

Alternately, if you use a writable CD/DVD then click on “Burn CD/DVD.”

Step 3. Kindly be patient while the burning process is taking place. Once it is finished, you will get a pop message asserting “Burning Successfully.” You may now eject the flash drive.

Step 4. Insert the flash drive in the locked computer now and turn on the system. You may need to change the boot order and select USB flash drive as #1 priority.

Step 5. UUkeys program will be loaded automatically on the startup display screen. Now you are only a few clicks away from resetting your password.

Step 6. Select the operating system (i.e. Windows 7) and choose the username of the administrator account that is currently locked out. Then, click on “Reset Password” and wait until the process is finished.

Step 7. Click on “Reboot, ” and the computer will be restarted.

Congratulations. You can now access your computer without any password. You may check all drivers and files to confirm nothing is erased from your computer. You may now take a breath of relief and enjoy.

Conclusion | How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password 

This tutorial substantiates that resetting Windows 7 password is not a conundrum anymore. With the right tool, you can reset and remove the Windows 7 password completely from the login screen. You may consider using UUkeys Windows Password Mate as it has been tested and proven in a myriad of locked computers.

Please kindly, do not use these methods for any mischief or illegal activities. This guide must be used only on personal computers or other computers by taking permission from the owner.
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