Losing important pictures can be very miserable, most especially when all hope of recovery is lost. The loss of this pictures is capable of causing unimaginable stress because all your mind and brain will be thinking of is a way to recover those beautifully captured moments.

The fact is that recovering those pictures from your mobile can be very difficult if you don’t know how to go about it. All you will keep doing is trial and error, hoping that something will work out and those pictures on your phone will be recovered. What happens when you can’t find a way to recover those pictures? Stress! Yes stress, that is the next thing that is unavoidable.

We all know stress is no good to the body. But what can be done to de-stress our life whenever we lose important pictures that we find difficult to accept that they are no longer on our phone memory. There is a way out and this will no doubt help to recover deleted pictures from the phone.

This leads us to the next question which is, how to recover deleted pictures from the phone. Recoverit is the saviour and it will save you from the stress of running around to look for a way to recover those pictures from your phone. Recoverit is a recovery software programmed to help recover deleted pictures from the phone. Right here in this article, I will explain, analyze and demonstrate all you need to know on how to recover deleted pictures from a phone without having to go through the stress that will affect your health. The world has become a better place with software like Recoverit in it. You don’t need to bother anymore on how to recover deleted pictures from your phone. Recoverit is here to help and take all your stress away.


The advent of smartphones with better technological advanced cameras has made these anesthetical gadgets a part of our lives. These gadgets are used to take pictures and videos which stores on the internal storage of the phone. Quite a number of things could be responsible for the loss of your pictures if you can no longer find them on the internal storage of your phone. This could be as a result of unintentional format or accidental deletion. The deed is done, the next step is to use Recoverit, a powerful software to recover the pictures. To begin on how to recover deleted pictures from the phone, I will the process into two stages.

  • Stage 1: How to get Recoverit software
  • Stage 2: How to recover deleted pictures from phone



This recovery software supports both Mac and Windows operating system. It is also capable of recovering pictures without reducing the quality. Speaking of which, it does not recover pictures from the internal storage of a phone. To recover such pictures, a third-party photo recovery software is needed. However, it has 100% efficiency when it comes to SD card recovery. To download this recovery software, click the link below.


After you must have downloaded your Recoverit software on your PC, the next step to take is to remove the SD card from your phone without damaging it and connect it to your PC. (Note: The download of Recoverit is free and it attracts no charges). Right here in this short illustration, I will be using the windows version of recoverit, you can download the Mac version of it. Kindly follow my steps as I show you how to recover deleted pictures from the phone.

Select a mode with which you wish to recover- This can only be done after you must have launched the Recoverit software on your PC.  To begin the recovery process, you need to click on “External Devices Recovery” mode since you will be working on an external storage device.

Click on your phone storage(SD card) – Before doing any other thing, make sure you connect your SD card to your PC through a card reader and your PC detects it. After making sure all the things mentioned above are in place, Click the “NEXT” and proceed to the next stage. Click on your target location which is your SD card and start the process.

Scanning process – What Recoverit software will do here is to scan your memory card to recover lost pictures. This scan is called the first quick scan and will help recover the immediate picture. However, if you can’t find what you are looking for, go for the “All-around Recovery” option. This is most likely to help deliver what you want.

Final Recovery process – The process is incomplete until you recover your desired pictures. To do that, you need to visit the Preview your recovered photos and click the “Recover” button.  The next and final thing to do is save the recovered pictures to prevent another loss.


With Recoverit, your stress is over. It will help recover all lost pictures and put an end to all your stress.

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