how to send gif images in facebook chat via messenger

Update - 2016.08.29

Below is a method how to send Gif images in Facebook Chat via messenger In Android And IOS.

How to send gif images in facebook chat: Giphy inc. It launched its application store inside of iOS and Android called Giphy For Messenger that enhances directly with the instant messaging application that from a bit ‘of time now has completely replaced the native chat inside the ‘application of Facebook.

This is the first release of GIPHY for Messenger: the best method to search and share the amazing GIPHY GIFs inside Facebook Messenger.
GIPHY for Messenger 1GIPHY for Messenger

For those who unfamiliar with Giphy is nothing more than a search engine, a bit ‘like Google and Yahoo and lots of others, but its characteristic is that it’s completely based on the searching of Animated GIFs contents directly inside the application.
The concept to open what’s enjoyed in fact collected more than $ 23,900 in funds managed to change into one of the largest databases of Gif available online.

With their application and use of new API developers can combine the database Giphy straight into their applications, and this is actual that they gave a demonstration with their FB Messenger, in actual fact, the application integrates seamlessly with the chat working perfectly and allowing instantaneously to open the app within the chat to see and send the Gif to their friends who might respond directly.

We’ve built and led this application iOS and Android as a result of it allows us to share and spread our brand, they’re also perfectly aligned with the Facebook Messenger and the team is building and carrying on. We are able to make sure on this way thanks to Facebook that millions of people get to know and appreciate Giphy and all its many features it has to offer.

For who will download the application will be capable of immediately interact with the database Giphy , to install it doesn’t take much, actually Messenger is now compatible with third-party applications, which means you could set up the application directly from the Play Store or iTunes Store, or open Messenger and from there approves the appropriate button located in basal go visual applications compatible with programme, together with of course Giphy.

Currently, the application is completely licensed to Facebook, but in the future will come lots of applications that might be integrated with Giphy, however, aren’t mentioned, then sign that programmers are work in advance taking advanced, including the opportunity of there see the application in the future even built-in with iMessage.

Link To Download:

Giphy Messenger for Android

Giphy Messenger for iOS

So above is the latest method by how to send gif images in facebook chat via messenger using Giphy.


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