How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

Actually getting slow down android smartphone is not something to worry about and whether it was slow and bought it due to was low end and also was a fast phone that gradually started to slow more and more. I have used a smartphone for a while and have most likely experienced the frustration of a long load time and has time for that actually. Without causing harm to your device and security or operating system and turned to a panel of tech pros and gadget bloggers to find out.

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Using files to go clean up the whole storage

Actually, Google’s file management app is great and not only analyzes phone for the unused files and apps but on the other hand it is valuable also lets you easily transfer the files. By cleaning the storage it is assured that you will increase the speed exactly and properly. App has a minimalist design and with the two tabs particularly.

Disable bloatware and unused apps

It is fact most of the phones aside from the Pixels and android one device come with some form of bloatware and thankfully can be disabled. In some cases uninstall most of the apps and come pre-installed on the phone if are not going to use them perfectly. You can also use files go to identify and unused apps on the phone and deleting them as per requirement.

Installing lightweight versions of apps

Actually, if are using a phone along with limited memory and storage using poorly and an optimized app can also cause a lot of frustrations and irritation. Facebook is the perfect example and app tends to feel sluggish and even on brand new pixel 2 XL on a budget phone like the Moto G5 plus is the best choice.

Trying another launcher

Android, HTC and now Sony have dialed back on the customization and Samsung has also opted for a clean and modern interface with its latest version of apps and software. The same thing goes for Huawei Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo which see the custom skin differentiator.

Optimizing the phone battery

I notice the phone’s battery draining faster than usual and also down to the errant app and hogging up to the CPU cycles and apps running in the background also tend to use. Apps running in the background also tend to use up the battery and so it is a good bet to regularly monitor the phones battery usage from the settings easily.

Disabling ambient screen of your android set

An always on display comes in handy and want to take the quick look at the incoming notifications and without having to unlock the phone and but features comes at the cost of battery life. If are seeing a drop off in the device and battery life as turning off the ambient display mode which is the one way to fix the issue.

Turning off Bluetooth when not required

Turning off unused radios will allow you to extend the phone’s battery life and a difference may not amount too much and for every little bit help and support. It is not advisable to turn off location services as most apps required some sort of locations and information to run them properly and safely.

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