How to Start a Successful Etsy Business

Etsy is an excellent platform upon which o build an online business. Etsy makes it easy to sell the things that you make directly to interested buyers. Part of the platform’s strength lies in how simple it is to use. But this simplicity can obscure just what a powerful platform Etsy is. If you manage to use it to its full potential, Etsy can become the bedrock upon which you build a full-time career. However, if you are hoping to take things to those heights, you will need to make sure that you adopt the right approach from the very beginning.

Work Out What You’re Going to Do

This might seem like obvious advice, but one of the most common mistakes that new Etsy users make is to open their web store without knowing what they’re going to be doing with that store. You need to decide what type of goods you are going to be selling, and who you are going to target with your marketing. The whole process of starting a new business venture goes much smoother when you know what you are hoping to achieve.

As well as working out what you will be doing, it is a good idea to give some thought to exactly how you will achieve it. Again, the first steps of your business will be a lot easier if they are planned and carefully thought out.

Name Your Store

A good name for your Etsy store can make all the difference, especially in the very beginning. However, choosing a good name, one that will sell your service to potential customers with minimal effort. If you come up with the perfect name for your store, only to discover that it’s already been taken, this can be very disheartening. However, don’t let this prevent you from opening your store. Instead, try and think of a variation of the name you can use, or an equally acceptable alternative.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting yourself goals and objectives is an effective way of motivating yourself and giving yourself an objective way of measuring your success so far. One of the most common mistakes made by new store owners is to set themselves overly ambitious goals that, if they are honest with themselves, they don’t have a realistic chance of achieving. Setting yourself goals that you are likely to ultimately fail will end up demotivating you and can put a serious dent in your confidence.

As well as being realistic, you should make your goals both specific and attainable. If your goals are specific and attainable, you will find it much easier to formalize your strategy for achieving them. This strategy will double as your business strategy and will give you a means of directing the evolution of your Etsy store. It doesn’t matter what your specific goals are. They might involve hitting particular sales targets, reducing your expenditure to a certain level, or building your product line to a particular number of products.

Devise a Marketing Strategy

Whether you are running a business on Etsy or in a physical retail store, you will need to think about how to most effectively market it. Effective marketing requires an awareness of the platform you are selling on, its overall user demographics, and the demographics of the subset of customers who are using your business. This is much less complicated than it sounds. All you need to do is establish who is buying your products, and how they can most effectively be marketed to.

One of the most common ways of marketing on Etsy is via email. The first stage of Etsy email marketing is to gather the list of contact details and emails that you will send your marketing emails to. There are a variety of free tools you can download and use to make gathering email contacts much easier. Once you start looking for opportunities to populate your email marketing list, you will realize how many avenues there are for achieving this. Your store homepage is an obvious starting point, but you can also use any transactional emails you automatically send to suggest your users sign up to your mailing list.

Similarly, it is a good idea to tie a social media account to your Etsy store. This will increase your visibility, give you an easy way to communicate with existing and potential customers, and provide the perfect way of marketing new products and offers to potential customers.

Etsy provides a superb platform for anybody looking to start their own home business. If you make anything at all, you can use Etsy to sell it. Don’t let the simplicity of the platform distract you from how powerful it is, especially when it is used properly. The very first steps you take in establishing your Etsy store will have an impact on your future success, and how easily you can achieve it.

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