How to Submit your Site to Google News submission Guidelines

Common guidelines to Submit your Site to Google News

Page or article title. The page title should be Clarify and Simplify For readers, a page title is the first clue about the purpose of a page. Do Readers rely on about the title to answer, whatever is this page about? If it doesn’t answer this question, it doesn’t help its main purpose.

Publish original content on your website. Google instructions do not add your site to Google News if your content has been copied from or resembles the content from another source.

News content. Sites included in Google News should offer timely reporting on matters that are important or interesting to Google audience. They generally do not include how-to articles, advice job postings, columns or strictly informational content such as weather forecasts and stock data.

Authority. Write what you know! The best news sites exhibit clear authority and expertise.

Article quality and Readability. Clearly written articles with correct spelling and grammar make for a better user experience. Limiting your performance of distracting ads and auto-load videos also allows users to more easily focus on your article content. Make sure that the articles are free from grammatical errors.

Define news content vs. blog content: Keep in mind, you’re not writing a blog; you’re building a news website. You need access to trending and breaking news with up-to-the-minute coverage. Google is very strict regarding what they consider being news content. You can’t create a project for news that breaks on Friday and gets it back from your writer on Monday. It’s old news by then and won’t show up in news search engines.

Deal with Content Quality. The work doesn’t end when you’ve been accepted into a news search engine. It’s lots of getting into a great college; just because you have been accepted doesn’t guarantee you’ll remain. Your dedication to accuracy, relevancy, and high-quality reporting is your key to establishing brand authority and maintaining loyal viewers.

Publish articles of a considerable length. Google News will explore the content with a sufficient word-length of a minimum of 250 words that can present value to news readers.

Website Category.In the submission form, Google will suggest the categories that apply to your content, it’s probably careful to perform this a select group of quality category pages. It’s offensive to make sure you’ve made these archive pages as properly optimized.

Enlist a number of authors to generate content for your website. Google News will consider websites from established organizations, or companies, during which a variety of authors shares news content. A web page listing all your editorial staff, it’s probably clever to make this a list of author profiles and ensure your author biography are rich and valuable. Add by lines to every article that displays the author’s name and the date the article was written. It’s also wise to be sure you’re using author highlighting, For site owner who using WordPress CMS it is very simple with SEO plugins like Yoast plugin and All in One SEO Pack.

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