How to Submit your Site to Google News submission Guidelines

Technical guidelines to Submit your Site to Google News

Google News sitemap.; a Google news sitemap is “not required, however advisable”. If you do not have coding abilities then please use WordPress CMS extremely [popular CMS and used by many News sites like I’m recommended WordPress because there is few News SEO plugin that generates News sitemap for you quite easily for example Googe News Sitemap

Article URLs have to be everlasting, unique and include at the least three digits. The latter requirement is lifted while you’re utilizing a Google Information XML sitemap, which WordPress Yoast Google News plugin generates. If you are using WordPress.

Article Links. When Google crawler scans your site, it seems to be for HTML hyperlinks with anchor texts that embody not less than a couple of phrases. They’re additionally unable to crawl JavaScript, graphic hyperlinks or hyperlinks present in frames.

Article formatting. Google crawler is just capable of including HTML articles. This means Google can not crawl PDF or other non-HTML formats.

Robots.txt or meta tags. To ensure that your content to be included in Google News, Google user-agent should be able to crawl and index your site.

Multimedia content. Google currently are unable to include audio records data or multimedia content material; nonetheless, they can generally crawl the additional textual content on pages with such a type of content and do include some videos from YouTube.

Separating different types of content on your website.  Google wants to include various completely different types of sites as possible in the Google News feed, however, they only include articles that provide well-timed reporting on issues which might be vital or fascinating to the viewers. Usually, They don’t embody how-to articles, job postings, promotional content, classified ads or strictly informational articles like weather forecasts or stock data.

News quality guidelines

User-friendly. Follow basic principles of good journalism to make your website unique, valuable, and engaging. As an example, websites should load quickly and use URL redirects rarely, and avoid conduct intended to trick users.

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