How to Submit your Site to Google News submission Guidelines

Finally, Submit your Site to Google News

Should you’ve taken care of all of this, and your site follows the Google Webmaster guidelines, in addition to Google news’ common and technical, and quality guidelines, then you’re ready to submit to Google News Publisher Center! Good luck on getting your site included!

Some more suggestions about submit your site to Google News

Domain Age. The domain age doesn’t matter for publishing your site in google news.

Alexa Rank or website traffic. Is Alexa rank and website traffic is important to submit your site to google news? So the answer is no, why because Google is not interested in the least in Alexa rank or website traffic. Alexa rank may be useful to compare big sites, for smaller sites with ranks beyond something like 10.000 it’s completely meaningless.

How many news article you have to publish on a daily basis? Your site must be News site and publish 5+ articles  on a daily basis, if possible, you can publish more articles related to news only this is because to make sure Google that your site is a news site and publishing article on your site should be unique. Because Google is clearly saying that they generally do not include how-to articles, advice columns, job postings, or strictly informational content such as stock data and weather forecasts.

How many days its take after applying to become a part of google news? After applying for google news you have to wait at least 30+ days, why it takes longer because Google team review your site in these days after that you will notify inside Google News Publisher Centre.

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