How To Take Screenshots on iPhone X

As we are still familiar with the idea of iPhone X, we still have questions about this product that did not respond. One of them appeared at the beginning of the phone when we found out that the Home button is missing: How To Take Screenshots on iPhone X? We have the answer for you.

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how to take screenshots on iphone x

Before a screen capture was done on the iPhone by pressing the Home button and the Power side button (or placed on the older iPhone), but now its shortcut has changed. To make a genre capture on iPhone X, we simply need to keep the Power button now and the volume button up at the same time. We keep them pressed for a second; then we hear the captured sound and the screenshot is ready. The concept looks like the one on Android, except that there is Power and volume down on different sides.

Another problem that appears after you capture the iPhone X is the following: what about the big and space from above? See below what I mean. It would be important to have a screenshot software that automatically recognizes the color of the image around that blank associated with the earpiece and fills it with a similar shade.

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