How to Use Android apps on Chrome OS

How to Use Android apps on Chrome OS: Chromebooks can run Android apps download from the Google Play Store, and you may be wondering either they can run apps not download from the Google Play Store. The Chromebook Flip is the first Chrome OS device that supports Android apps, but Google plans to roll out support for other devices soon. When I first started testing Android on Chrome OS, I noted that no toggle could provide you to install the apps from unknown sources, as you’ll find on most Android phones and tablets

The good news is that rotating screen won’t cause anymore that crash the apps. The bad news is that they won’t necessarily resize automatically. It’s also now simpler to inform Android apps from Chrome web apps at a look. Chrome OS 53.0.2773.0 dev is designed to fix some of the bugs that have been already in the first build, but there’s also at least one unique new feature: there’s a little greyscale on Chrome logo in the corner of web apps, which makes it simple to differentiate between Chrome apps and Android apps so you know which one you’re about to launch. Hoops to make it happen however here’s how I run to install the Amazon Appstore an Asus Chromebook Flip. Android and Chrome OS finally joined hands on the Google I/O 2016, when Google announced that Android apps could be compatible with Chromebooks. Google has already rolled out compatibility for the first Chromebook – the Asus Chromebook Flip. Therefore, allowing users to install Android apps on Chromebook from the Google Play Store.

Steps to Use Android apps on Chrome OS

Step 1. First of allEnable Dev channel to use Google Play Store.

Step 2. Go to Chromebook Settings and click on “About Chrome OS” button on the top of the window.

Step 3. On the About screen, click on More Info. This link is two-thirds of the way down the screen.

Step 4. Click on the radio button next to “Developer – unstable” and press “Change channel” to confirm your choice. You will be able to see “Restart to Update” button in the status area, so click on it to restart your Chromebook. As soon as your Chromebook reboots, you will be able to see the Google Play Store icon on the bottom shelf.

Step 5.  Set up Google Play Store 

After you have enabled Android apps to run on your Chromebook, you’ll see the new Google Play store on Chromebook display. Click on Agree 

Step 6. Install Android Apps

Now you’ll require logging into this new Google Play store with your Google login, and you can start installing Android apps on your Chromebook.

Step 7. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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