How to view live stream of today's iPhone Keynote lecture – News

apple Today I will make a speech at Cupertino's newly-emerging new campus, and I am planning to announce a new iPhone, updated Apple Watch, etc. At 10 AM at Pacific Time (13 hours in New York, 18 hours in London, 19 hours in Paris), you can see the event while the company is live broadcasting.

September is the company's most anticipated event. That's because Apple releases a new iPhone model every September. According to the rumor, the company is planning to announce three new devices, including the updated iPhone X, a larger version of this mobile phone, and a new model to replace the iPhone 8 with Notch design.

If you own an Apple TV, you can download the Apple Events application on the App Store. We can broadcast today's events and review past events. Application icon updated for events a few days ago.

Also, if you do not own an Apple TV, you can also stream live events from the Apple Events section of the website. This video feed is always working with Safari and Microsoft Edge. Like this year's WWDC conference, the video should work with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In summary, how can you see Apple's events today?

  • Safari on Mac or iOS
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  • Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Mac or Windows 10.
  • Apple TV with App Store's Apple Events application.

Of course you can also read the news live blog if you are being plagued by work and you need feedback that really helps you spend your day. This year we have a wonderful team in the room.

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How to view live stream of today's iPhone Keynote lecture - News

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