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Mac users can enable “Hey Siri” on their computers, making the virtual assistant easy to use by voice. Just like Hey Siri for iPhone and iPad, or Apple Watch, when Hey Siri is enabled on Mac, you can fully interact with Siri with voice commands and without having to click or tap anything to activate it. Just say “Hey Siri” followed by a command and Siri on the Mac will activate and respond. This walkthrough will show you how to Enable Hey Siri on a Mac for digital assistant voice activation.

Hey Siri for Mac requires a modern MacOS system software version and a compatible Mac. While older versions of MacOS may have Siri support, only the latest versions support “Hey Siri” voice activation. So if you don’t have the option to enable Hey Siri on the Mac, it probably means that the version of the MacOS system software is older. If you have an older Mac but want to have this capability, this workaround can help you get Hey Siri on unsupported Macs.

How to Enable “Hey Siri” on Mac

  1. Go to the  Apple menu and choose “System Preferences”
  2. How to    turn on Hey Siri on Mac

  3. Choose the “Siri” preference pane
  4. How to    turn on Hey Siri on Mac

  5. Check the box next to ‘Listen for’ Hey Siri ”
  6. How to    turn on Hey Siri on Mac

  7. Click on ‘Continue’ to start the Hey Siri installation process
  8. How to    Enable and Set up Hey Siri on Mac

  9. Go through the verbal setup process by repeating the commands on the screen
  10. Institution up Hey Siri on Mac

  11. When you are done installing Hey Siri, click ‘Done’ and close the System Preferences panel
  12. Ready to use Hey Siri on Mac

Now you are ready to use “Hey Siri” on the Mac, it works just like on an iPhone or iPad.

Just say “Hey Siri” near the Mac and Siri will start listening for your command. You can say something like ‘Hey Siri, what’s the weather’ or ‘Hey Siri, what time is it’, or use something else from the large Siri command list for Mac.

Using Hey Siri on Mac

You will find that most common Siri command list for iPhone and iPad will also work, although of course anything specific to iOS won’t work on Siri for Mac. And yes, even the funny Siri commands work on the Mac with Hey Siri too, in case you feel like making fun of your virtual voice assistant.

Using Hey Siri on Mac

While some Mac users may not want to use Hey Siri’s voice activation, others may find it very useful. Siri voice activation can be great for many reasons and situations, depending on how you use Siri and where and what the Mac is used for. For example, a Touch Bar MacBook Pro user removed Siri from the Touch Bar to prevent accidental activation, but they may want the voice activation feature. And of course “Hey Siri” is also excellent accessibility featureas it enables speech engagement with the Mac beyond the other speech functions on the Mac.

Note that if you have “Hey Siri” enabled on the Mac, and also enabled Hey Siri on iPhone or iPad, and Hey Siri on Apple Watch, and they are all in the same room together when you say “Hey Siri” for voice activation, you often trigger multiple Siri assistants at the same time. This can be a bit funny, but it can also be a bit annoying, so you may want to adjust your settings accordingly.

Using Hey Siri is just one of many ways to interact with the digital assistant on the Mac, you can also summon it by clicking the Siri menu bar item, or with a keyboard shortcut, and another nice one trick if you prefer the keyboard approach, enabling and using ‘Type to Siri’ for Mac makes Siri a kind of text-based virtual assistant rather than a voice-based assistant. And of course, if you don’t use Siri at all, you can always turn it off completely, or just turn off the voice activation. Hey Siri while using the feature apart from that available.

If you know something interesting tips, tricks, or using Hey Siri on Mac, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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