3 Free Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

3 Free Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

Update - 2020.04.14

Fixed download and upload limits and speeds for any users in your network. And also Protect your business by preventing and logging access to blacklisted websites.

Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds: The amount of software on the average PC that desires to access the internet for updates or as a result of it require internet access to perform is rising on a regular basis. Until you have an excellent fast internet connection, when you might have one thing that requires a lot of bandwidth, it’ll often slow different issues down which are also using the internet. For instance, downloading files via an internet browser and playing an internet game on the same time might limit the game’s efficiency and make it almost unplayable with high pings as a result of the browser is hogging the bandwidth leaving very little for the game.

One for the Best ways to get around this drawback is to limit the web download speed for the online browser process in order that it doesn’t hog the connection. Sure types of functions similar to obtain managers or bit-torrent shoppers typically have some type of most upload or download rate setting in order not to flood the connection and let issues like internet browsers or Skype work OK without an excessive amount of problem. Most different kinds of program that access the web don’t have the same function though.

An answer to this problem is to limit the Internet bandwidth through the use of traffic shaping software so you may prioritize which applications can access as a lot of the connection as they like, whereas others will have to wait till it’s out the re. Software similar to NetLimiter, cFosSpeed, Net-Peeker and SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is good for this activity but sadly they’re shareware. There is some free tools around that may assist, right here’s just a few so that you can look at.

Tools to Restrict or Limit Internet Download and Upload Transfer Speeds

1. NetBalancer

NetBalancer is an internet traffic tool that’s been designed to present full management over the priorities of the applications and processes operating on your computer. You need to use NetBalancer to set a download or upload transfer rate priority for any application and in addition, monitor its internet traffic.


There are a few methods in which you’ll be able to limit the traffic that every application uses. One is to do what most obtain managers and torrent clients do which is ready a specific quantity for the download or upload rates. Whereas this technique works, it isn’t dynamic as a result of when you set the download rate in your browser to 100 KB/s whereas gaming, once you end gaming more bandwidth will probably be free however the download will nonetheless be 100 KB/s until you manually change it. NetBalancer has one other extra efficient way of limiting the traffic by setting priorities on your applications. Which means that programs with The Best priority have the first possibility on the bandwidth, but when they don’t want it, those with a decreased priority can use it when out the re.

After setting your required priorities and limits, you may see what’s going on with the help of a number of helpful options. NetBalancer can present all system processes with their out and in traffic speed, whole downloaded and uploaded traffic for any process, a live traffic chart & information on all process lively connections. Guidelines can be created where you possibly can configure the limits for particular times or date ranges and the re’s additionally a separate live traffic window/tray icon.

The free version of NetBalancer is limited to 3 process priorities/limits at a time and 3 completely different guidelines may be configured which needs to be enough for common use. If you wish to go over that limit, you will want to register the complete version at a value of $29.95. It really works on Window 2000 to 8. Read Also: How To Disable Windows 10 Updates


2. Traffic Shaper XP

As the title suggests, Traffic Shaper XP is one other traffic shaping application, however, has some fairly advanced options in comparison with NetBalancer, however, this additionally puts it at a drawback because setting up guidelines that limit the traffic are tougher and less user-friendly to configure.

Traffic Shaper XP

Traffic Shaper XP doesn’t listing running processes so you may simply click on on a program and set the limit or priority. As a substitute, you might want to know in advance the port being utilized by the program and manually run the Add Rule Wizard, or monitor the live traffic in the lower half of the program’s window and proper click on it to create an identical rule.

When going by way of the wizard you may choose which network adapter, course (upload or download), Upload/download speed to restrict, port, IP address and the priority of the rule. A helpful perform of Traffic Shaper XP is after you’ve created a rule, you possibly can shut this system and it’ll nonetheless continue to shape your web bandwidth. It is going to proceed to control your web traffic in the background.

Traffic Shaper XP does have a few points, one among which is it doesn’t formally support Windows Vista, 7 or 8 although it did appear to perform OK when examined in Windows 7 32-bit. One other drawback is the restrictions placed on this free version resembling a most of 5 guidelines, support for the TCP protocol only and the actual fact it may possibly form as much as 3,687 kb/s and no more.


3. Shunra Nimbus

It is a quite simple tool to use with only actually one option to configure, however, remember that Shunra Nimbus is NOT suitable for any operating system above Windows XP and can likely cause a crash Vista or 7.


It really works slightly completely different to the tools above because Nimbus will limit the bandwidth system-wide so is maybe extra helpful if you wish to limit one system while gaming or downloading on one other which makes use of the same internet connection. The one out there option is to pick the bandwidth speed that you just need to limit and then you definitely click on Play. It has settings from 14.4 to 256. These numbers are calculated at Kb(kilobits) per second and not Kilobytes so that you divide the number by 8. Therefore 256means you are capping the Internet at 32 KB/s which is obviously very slow by at this time’s standards. Exiting this system will return traffic to normal. Shunra Nimbus is no longer available or listed on the official website.


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