How To Create Custom Google Chrome Shortcuts

April 16, 2021

Create Custom Google Chrome Shortcuts – Google Chrome has a feature of hotkeys, unusually keyboard shortcuts, Though the browser doesn’t have any hotkey customization choices. There are some extensions that you can add to Chrome to more configure its keyboard shortcuts with. Shortkeys is one of the extensions with that you’ll arrange customized Chrome hotkeys

Simply as you can guess, we’re going to make use of some inbuilt abilities of Google Chrome as well as some highly useful extensions. We had given one method for selecting a short key for Quick, which helps you to access faster. We will set up customs keyboard shortcuts for particular extensions utilizing the in-built specialty of Google Chrome. We also believe that this method will help you in replacing hard-to-use Google Chrome shortcuts with simpler ones for instance.

Steps To Create Custom Google Chrome Shortcuts

Step 1. First of all, Launch Google Chrome browser. Now, Click on ‘Options button,’ proper to address bar > Tools > Extensions, and it will lead you to the Extension Manager.

Step 2. Just Type ‘chrome://extensions’ in your address bar and hit Enter.

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Step 3. The re, you can see information about each Google Chrome extension you have got installed, along with highlighting impact for active ones. There are several options for enabling/disabling extensions, deleting and managing choices and permissions. However, you have to scroll down and find out the option ‘Keyboard Shortcut and click on it.

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Step 4. Now, You can see a pop-up window like shown in the following image. The size of the pop-up box could change based on the variety of extensions, you have installed.

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Step 5. Once you have clicked,  After that the background of the field will flip red along with one message ‘Type a shortcut,’ just like in this image.

Google Chrome Shortcuts

Step 6. Now, you have to enter the shortcut, by pressing which you wish to open the extension later. However, you must try to not give the in-built shortcuts of Google Chrome (like Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W) in these sections to avoid the clash. Once you have given all the details correctly, you might click on ‘OK’ button, which can close the pop-up window.

Step 7. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

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