How To Improve GPS Signal On Your Android Device

April 8, 2021

Improve GPS Signal On Your Android Device – The internal GPS is one of the necessary features of recent smartphones. Their inclusion allows us to have reliable navigation apps, location services, and complex site interactions. Though, much like the phones themselves, not all GPS sensors are alike. You may not realize it. However, they vary wildly regarding features, effectiveness, and precision.

Certain phones are in fact offensive for having poor GPS, like the original Samsung Galaxy S, and more recently the Transformer Prime. Some of these problems are related, and can’t be fixed. But, in most cases, poor reception and GPS efficiency may be affected by the ROM and user settings. In this lesson, we will clarify to you how one can improve your GPS’s performance with some easy tips and apps, all links presented and all apps free. Keep in mind, you’ll want root access for many of those apps to do first modifications to the OS, so make sure your device is rooted!

Steps to Improve GPS Signal On Your Android Device

1. Update your Android software version to latest version

Some previous Android versions don’t have some new Android GPS configuration features such High accuracy GPS option on the GPS menu that helps to improve GPS signal accuracy.

2. Switch on ‘High efficiency’ mode

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To get the very best signal, you need to be ready to use a bit more battery than normal. It’s a necessary sacrifice, and you may always reverse it later if you don’t want to use GPS, like if you’re done Pokémon hunting. Enabling that is easy; simply follow a couple of steps, and you will be on your way.

Go to your Settings and tap Location and ensure that your location services are on. You must have the ability to toggle it on the right and of your screen. That should be green and the button to the right.

The first category under Location should be Mode, tap that and assure that is also set to High performance. This manages your GPS as well as your Wi-Fi and mobile networks to estimate your location. It will use more battery, however, will utilize all available methods to provide a correct location possible.

3. Disable Wifi network before and through your workout


We’ve found that in some Android devices Wifi activated on Android devices might cause some blocking issues at the time of connecting the app to the Internet. When you’ve got a good network connection without wifi, we recommend disabling temporally Wifi networks before and through exercises.

4. Refresh your GPS Data


Many times your device will become ‘stuck’ on unusual GPS satellites, also when they’re not inside the range, causing it not to work properly. To fix this, you should utilize an app like GPS Status & Toolbox to remove your GPS data and to start connecting to satellites from scratch.

Within the app, tap wherever on the screen, next tap the menu icon and hit control A-GPS state. Tap Reset, then when that’s finished go back into the Manage A-GPS state menu and tap Download. Your GPS data should now be refreshed, and if it starts working up again then simply repeat this process.

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