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How To Protect USB Pendrive With Password

Laptops or desktops have a become a part of our personal life rather. We use them for entertainment and also for many other purposes. We now depend on the computer for many different tasks like we can use the internet, play games, work, entertainment, etc. Sometimes our device gets to slow down in speed. So we recommend examining Make Laptop run faster. Usually, we store information in computers of many sorts. Due to a large quantity of information is a retailer, We have to take the backup, or we need to switch them from on device to anther. So use USB devices to exchange data between computers. Those drives are compact in size and also provide large data storage capacity. USB drives are plug and play drives and have longer life than CD’s and DVD’s and also present re-writable features. We Know USB drives are transportable and used to switch data. Usually, USB has good data transfer speed however after the passage of time USB get decelerate then should check about increase pen drive data transfer speed.

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USBpendrive is used for data transfer. We will even perform the various task with pen drive like we can use pen drive as ram. Historically we CD or DVD for installing Now we can only make bootable pen drive for Windows. Sometimes we have to keep our data secret and protect our information from misuse by others and remain safe.

Step to Protect USB Pendrive With Password

Step 1First of all, Insert your USB into Computer.

Step 2. Right, click on the USB drive you want to Encrypt.

Step 3. Select turn on Bitlock from Menu.

Step 4. Click on the “use a password to unlock the drive”.

Step 5. Now, enter the password And click on the next button.

Step 6. After that click on the print or save the Recovery key.

Step 7. Just click on the next button and drive encryption process will start.

Step 8. After the encryption is complete click on close button.

Step 9.  That’s it! Now you’re done.

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