How to Fix ‘Face ID Not Working With App Store’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Face ID Not Working With App Store’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Face ID Not Working With App Store’ Issue – Guide

In this blog post, we’ve covered everything about Why doesn’t Face ID work on my iPhone? Is the biggest issue disabling your iPhone’s core functionality? While Apple is providing a password screen for the wrong face ID attempt but not the solution for using the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is easy. Face ID is a fast authentication and security system for all privacy. Apple hard blocking now works with third-party apps in darkroom, Mack up and more situations are getting the screen “Enter passcode Your passcode is required to enable face ID” for face ID which does not work on iPhone X or later.

Check Face ID settings

Before going into fixes, it’s always good to start with basic checks. Here it is how to make sure the face id is set up and your settings are correct:

  • Go to iPhone Settings > Face ID and Passcode.
  • If you see Reset Face ID, it means you have already set it. up Face ID. Otherwise, follow the instructions to set it. up now.
  • Make sure the unlock options for iPhone, iTunes and App Store, Wallet and Apple Pay, and Password Autofill are turned on.
  • Check Face ID permission for third-party apps

    Third-party banks, payments, instant messaging and other similar applications can use Face ID for authentication to login. If you’ve denied the app’s permission to use Face ID in the past, you’ll need to enter your iPhone password each time.

    Here it is how to make sure Face ID is enabled for a supported third-party iPhone app:

  • Open Settings and scroll down to the bottom, where third-party apps are listed.
  • Tap on the app in question.
  • Make sure the Face ID switch is turned on.
  • Alternatively, you can see the full list of apps that have requested access to face ID under Settings > Face ID and passcode > Other apps.

    Clean face identification sensors and make sure there are no obstructions

    When iPhone face recognition is not working, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the top of the device to ensure the Face ID sensor is clean. Usually when you hold the phone on the ear for too long, body oils and dirt can stick to it, causing the Face ID to fail or perform poorly.

    Second, if you are using any heavy-duty case or thick screen protector that covers the Face ID sensors even slightly, consider removing such obstructions.

    Make sure you are not blocking your face

    Face identification will not work if you are wearing a face mask, veil or any other piece of clothing and even some specific sunglasses. For smooth operation of Face ID, make sure you don’t block your face with anything. In places where you must wear a mask or veil, manually entering the iPhone password is the only option unless you have an Apple Watch.

    Also, when you are in a crowded stadium or bus, Face ID can get confused due to the many faces around you. In these situations, try to hold the iPhone correctly so the system can accurately scan your face.

    Hold your iPhone correctly

    On an iPhone, Face ID only works when you hold it in portrait orientation. On an iPad, it works in both portrait and landscape modes. Therefore, Face ID will not work when you are in bed and trying to unlock the phone while in landscape mode. Make sure you handle it correctly. Also, don’t hold iPhone too far or too close to you. Hold it a comfortable distance from your face.

    Restart your iPhone

    One of the most basic yet effective ways to fix facial identification problems is to reset the iPhone. The restart involves two steps. The first is to turn the iPhone off, and the second is to turn it on again after a minute. After doing this, the Face ID components that stopped working should now work fine.

    Update your iPhone

    Apple fixes known bugs and issues through software updates. If Face ID setup is not working or repeatedly fails to unlock the device, the problem might be at the deepest level of the software. To fix this, update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

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