How to Fix ‘iOS 13 Dark Mode Not Working’ Issue

How to Fix ‘iOS 13 Dark Mode Not Working’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘iOS 13 Dark Mode Not Working’ Issue – Guide

Apple’s latest software update, iOS 15, brought so many new ones features and dark mode is one of them. Because of this, many users installed a new operating system to try this new one feature. Unfortunately if you are one of those users who get stuck in dark mode after iOS 15 update then no need to worry as there are solutions to fix it, here we will help you fix iOS 15 dark mode on your device .

Many Facebook users have noticed that dark mode has been removed from iOS and Android apps this week, and although the issue is being fixed, there is an option for iPhone users to try it out if they like the dark Re-enable the topic manually. The process is a little more complicated than it should be, but if Dark Mode is your top priority on the iPhone, it might be worth a try for those who don’t want to wait for Facebook’s organic solution to arrive.

Make sure the app is up to date

Most developers will require you to download updates for their apps from the App Store once they have built in support for Dark Mode. Some can get away with pushing server-side updates as long as the underlying support for Dark Mode is already there, but just turned off, but most of the time it will be manual or automatic updates from the App Store.

But first, you need to know if the app that is not working with Dark Mode really supports it. For the most part, developers will include Dark Mode support in their app’s release notes, so check out the app’s App Store page to see or consult our list of apps that support Dark Mode. If it’s going to work, just update your app through the App Store.

Make sure iOS dark mode is turned on

Are you sure Dark Mode is turned on? To check, open the Control Center, expand the brightness slider with a long tap, and make sure “Dark Mode” in the lower left corner also says “On”. If it says “Off”, tap it to turn it on. You can also add a Dark Mode quick tile to the Control Center in Settings so you can access the toggle button faster.

The long route involves going to Settings -> Display & Brightness and then making sure “Dark” is turned on. You can also set Dark Mode on a schedule if you wish.

Check application settings for options

If the app is fully updated but still not solidifying with iOS 13’s dark mode, check the app’s settings. While many apps will mirror Apple’s built-in dark mode, some can still be set to a light mode. What you want to select is something like “Use system settings” or “Use device settings”. If the app does not support system dark mode, but you see the option to enable dark mode in the app, use that option for now. YouTube is an example of this.

If you don’t see any theme settings, and the app still doesn’t respond to the new Dark Mode, the app is simply not supported at the moment. Don’t worry, there’s always a workaround:

Try Smart Invert

If the three above tricks don’t, your app probably doesn’t support Dark Mode. To work around this issue, try Smart Invert for just that app or keep it with Dark Mode so it chooses up The Dark Mode slack.

Smart Invert, along with “Invert Colors” before it, has been how we’ve gotten our dark mode fix on iOS for years. O feature tries to invert bright colors, especially white, while leaving other colors intact, to provide a decent nighttime experience. It’s not perfect and occasionally inverts colors you don’t want to invert, but it can be a good replacement for Dark Mode in a pinch.

Request the Feature from the developer

Smart Invert can be a good band-aid, but when iOS naively supports Dark Mode, it can seem a little late. If you want your app to implement dark mode support, ask the developer. With enough support, developers can make dark mode a priority for the next big update of their apps.

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