How to Fix ‘Unable to Update iOS 14 on iPhone’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Unable to Update iOS 14 on iPhone’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Unable to Update iOS 14 on iPhone’ Issue – Guide

Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS, users want to update their system. But usually it’s easy to have a problem with a new iOS, like iPhone Update Error 4000. Some people might find an Internet connection error note saying “verification failed because you’re no longer connected to the Internet” when updating iOS on iPhone. There are some issues with a new iPhone. If you encounter the issue of not being able to activate the iPhone after iOS update, please go to the link to fix it. Now, in the following sections, would you know what to do if the iOS 14.15 update failed due to an Internet issue?

Use One-stop tool to fix iOS update errors

One of the reasons this error occurs is that your iPhone has encountered some iOS system errors. In that case, you cannot upgrade to the new iOS before you get rid of the issue. You can fix the error yourself with the help of AnyFix – iOS System Recovery.

AnyFix is ​​able to repair more than 130 common iOS system issues for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. When you encounter an error installing iOS, you can resort to AnyFix to get rid of update errors such as iOS update not displayed up, cannot check iOS update, cannot download iOS update, etc. Check out some of their main features before using it.

Let’s take a look how to solve the problem with AnyFix.

  • Download and run AnyFix on your computer > Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via a USB cable. Click the System Repair panel.
  • After that, you can choose the repair mode shown below. You will then go to an interface to download the corresponding firmware for your device. Once the download is successful, you can fix the issues by clicking the Fix it now button. button.
  • After a while, the error that occurred when installing iOS 15 will be completely fixed.
  • Remove and download iOS update again

    You can also try deleting and downloading the new iOS update again. just go to

  • Navigate to Settings> General> iPhone Storage on Your phone.
  • Find iOS 15 updates in the list > tap it and tap Delete update.
  • Then go to Settings > General > Software Update and download the latest iOS update.
  • Check network settings

    It is possible that the network settings cause the “unable to install update, there was an error installing ios 15” issue. Check your network settings and make sure your cellular network is turned on. You can reset your network settings in Settings > General > Reset network settings in “Reset” tab.

    Update iOS 15 with iTunes

    If you are unable to install iOS 15 remotely, then updating your device to the new iOS via iTunes is an option to go.

    Run iTunes> connect your device to iTunes via a USB cable> click your device> Summary> Check for updates> Download and update.

    Disable low power mode

    Many users can reset their iPhone or iPad in this situation, but what if resetting the device still doesn’t work? Some users suggest that it is useful to disable low power mode and restart the device.

    Check storage on iPhone / iPad

    Your iPhone / iPad may not be able to install iOS 15 due to insufficient storage on iDevices. You can go to Settings > Storage > iPhone Storage to check available and free storage up space for the new iOS system.

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