How to get a black screen front on a red iPhone 7

How to get a black screen front on a red iPhone 7

Video above: Zack Nelson shows you how to take away and change the show of your (Product) Red iPhone 7.

Apple lately eliminated the covers of new particular version iPhones. The (Product) Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus fashions are available a vibrant red shade scheme with a white front, and a proportion of the revenue from every gadget offered goes to AIDS.

While it is undoubtedly lovely iPhones, there are those that need Apple to supply the choice of a black front as a substitute, and consider this makes for a completely sleeker and cooler mixture. Various options have appeared as a results of this name. We give you the perfect methods to get black screen on your red iPhone.

You should purchase the (Product) Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus directly from Apple.

Replace your complete front screen

The (Product) Red editions might solely be accessible with white fronts, however, black is a customary shade on the common iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This means you could change the screen and setting for a noir different, supplied you’ve a spare gadget or need to purchase a substitute screen online.

Of course, as you may need guessed, that is fairly a drastic method, and it carries a vital danger.

To take away the screen, you will need to use a warmth gun to loosen the glue. Then there may be the minor concern of avoiding the assorted small however, extremely necessary cables and cords when you pry off the screen. Oh, and also you’re possible to compromise the waterproofing and will certainly void your guarantee. But it’s doable!

If you are up for this huge DIY venture, we advocate watching the video above made by Zack Nelson at JerryRigEverything. It will stroll you through the method step-by-step, so hopefully you get a somewhat sneering wanting black / red ensemble.

Cover the white border with a black screen protector

A a lot easier answer is to purchase a screen protector with a coloured border. These are plentiful and choices just like the MH Designs iPhone screen protector present a simple approach to change the look of your gadget.

Simply align the case with the totally different openings on the iPhone and stick it on. Not solely is your screen now protected, however, your red gadget additionally has a black front. The solely disadvantage is that the Home button continues to be white, however, not less than matches the Apple emblem on the again.

Cover the front with a pores and skin

If you do not need to conceal the screen of your shiny new iPhone 7 with a piece of tempered glass at £ 10, an alternative choice is to use a pores and skin. These stickers are specifically designed to cowl the setting of your gadget, making it simple to change the aesthetics without resorting to small screwdrivers. They are additionally low cost like this brushed metal skin we found on Amazon goes for lower than 5.

In actuality, sticker skins could be a bit tough to apply, however, when you have a regular hand and an empty curse field, it must be superb.