How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi

How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi Tutorial and Steps

So here we discuss the How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi, and after a lot of requests from our users here is a guide about How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi.

In this article we learn how to install and set up up Treat to Kodi and lower versions. Trakt is a third-party service that monitors what you view and syncs with your Tract account. The method used in this guide can be applied to all Kodi-supported devices, including FireStick, Windows PC, Android, etc.

What is Trakt on Kodi?

Trakt is an online platform that integrates with Kodi and scrobbles the movies and TV shows you watch. ‘Scrobbling’ just means keeping track of what you’re watching. This tool keeps an overview of your viewing activities and helps you find new content based on your history. However, trakt is more than just a record holder. It also lets you connect with people from all over the world who share the same interests.

Trakt not only keeps track of what you’ve already watched, but also helps you create a watchlist of everything you want to watch. It’s true that you add favorites to the addons, but with Kodi Trakt addon your single watchlist is automatically available for all add-ons. In other words, you do not need to keep the list separately for each addon. Another good thing about Trakt is that you don’t need Kodi to make or maintain the watchlist. All you need is an Internet-connected device that takes you to website and log into your account.

And let’s not forget that Trakt is a multi-platform service and supports different apps. Anything that is crobbled from one device is synced to your Tract account and available on all devices on which you use this service. You just need to make sure you are logged into Trakt on all devices with the same account.

How to Install tract on Kodi

Now let’s learn how to Character up for Trakt, how to Treat install on Kodi, and how to Set up Treat to Kodi.

Trakt is a freemium service. The free version of Trakt is supported by advertisements. You can buy the ad-free VIP premium service for the subscriptions starting at $2.50 per month.

Character Up for Trakt.TV account

You have to sign up for a account first. Your account stores all the data you’ve synced with Kodi and other apps. Here are the steps to register for an account.

Step 1: Access on any computer or mobile Browser. When the landing page loads up, click on ‘Join Treats for Free’ link

Step 2: Enter your email address and choose a username and password.

Step 3: Click ‘Join Tract’ button to continue

Note: Sign you too up with your social media account, including Twitter, Facebook or Google

treats kodi treats kodi

Step 4: Enter your personal information on the following page, including the display name, location, gender, date of birth.

Step 5: Click ‘Next Step’

kodi treat

Step 6: The next thing you want to do is select your favorite genres from the list. Once you’re done, click “Next Step”

treats for kodi

Step 7: On the next page, you add the movies and TV shows you’ve watched (or are currently watching). You choose not to add anything at all. Click ‘Next Step’ again

add treats to kodi

Step 8: To share your activities on Social Media, click ‘Connect’ next to the platform you want.  If you don’t want to share your activities, don’t select a social media platform. Click ‘Next Step’ one more time

what is treats to kodi

Step 9: To receive push notifications, select one of the options available. Click “Continue to dashboard” to continue.

You signed up for Trakt services and creating an account. We will now learn how to Treats install on Kodi.

Steps to install Trakt on Kodi

Trakt Kodi is part of the official Kodi Add-on Repository. This means that this service is officially available on Kodi and that you do not need to enable the unknown sources.

Kodi Add-on repository is pre-installed with Kodi.

Follow the steps below to get Trakt for Kodi:

Step 1: Make sure you click on the homescreen of Kodi. Click ‘Add-ins’ on the left panel/sidebar

treats kodi treats kodi

Step 2: Then click the open-box icon (also called Package Installer) in the upper-left corner of the screen

package installer

Step 3: When you see the next opt-opt, click “Install from Repository”

install from repository on kodi

Step 4: In the next window, click the “Kodi Add-on repository.”

Note: If you don’t have additional third-party repositories installed, you won’t see the “Kodi Add-on repository” here. Instead, the repository options open immediately (see the image in the next step). If you don’t see this repository, go to the next step.

As you can see, I have other repositories installed, which is why I have listed ‘Kodi Add-on repository’ here

kodi addon Repository

Step 5: Click next step on ‘Program Add-ins’

how to    treats add to kodi

Step 6: Scroll down and click ‘Trakt’

You also see ‘ List Manager’; there is need to install.

how to    get treats on kodi

Step 7: Now click “Install” in the lower right corner.

how to    treats to install on kodi

Note: On Kodi 18 you will see a popup after you click Install. Click Ok on that popup

Step 8: Wait for the message ‘Trakt Add-on installed’. It will appear on the upper right corner

treats for kodi

Step 9: This installs Kodi Trakt addon Successful. Go back to the Kodi. homescreen and navigate to add-ons> Program Add-ins.  You can find the Trakt addon listed here

treats kodi treats kodi

We will now learn how to Treat to Kodi.

Attention KODI users: Read before continuing

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How to Set Up Treat to Kodi

You have to authorize Trakt on Kodi on two levels. First, you need to configure the Trakt addon On Kodi. Secondly, you need to authorize Trakt individually for each addon.

Let’s both look at it one by one.

Trakt Kodi authorize Addon

From the Kodi home screen, go to Add-ins > My Add-ins

how to    Set up treats to kodi

Then click “Program Add-ins”

how to    treats to install on kodi

Click ‘Trakt’

Setting up treats to kodi

Click ‘Configure’ button at the bottom

here's how to configure a treat account on kodi

A window titled ‘Settings – Trakt’ appears up.

Note: You also go to Add-ons > Program Add-ons from the Kodi homescreen and right-click the Tract icon. When the context menu appears up, click ‘Settings’ and restart the Settings – Trakt window opens

treats kodi treats kodi

In the Trakt Kodi settings window, make sure that the General tab is selected on the left.

Click the option that says “How do I give permission for the treat addon to access my account?”

kodi treat

You’ll see the “Trakt Account Authorization” dialogue box with a QR scan code and an alphanumeric activation code. You trakt integrate with Kodi using either.

If you use Trakt mobile app, scan the code of the app and the authorization will happen immediately.

treats activation code to kodi

If you’re using Trakt web service, go to Sign in with your Tract account you created earlier and enter the code that appears in the Kodi window (see image below)

Click Continue

respiratory authorisation

Confirm your intent by clicking ‘Yes’ button on the next screen, asking you ‘Allow Trakt for Kodi to use your account?’

treats activation for kodi

You’ll see the following notification when you’ve activated Trakt on Kodi

trakt activate for kodi

Now return to Kodi and open Trakt Settings again. When you activate Kodi with Trakt account, you’ll see your Trakt account name at the top.

how to    treats to install on kodi

Authorize Treat on every Kodi Addon Individual

First you have to make sure you have one of the Trakt enabled Kodi add-ons (yes! Not all addons support Trakt). Fortunately, most of the popular addons, such as Exodus Redux, Yoda, Exodus, support Trakt.

So, here’s how to get to authorize Kodi at the add-on level

Go to Kodi homescreen and navigate to add-ons > My Add-ins.  Click “Video Add-ins” now. You’ll see a list of all your video addons here.

Click the addon you want to integrate with Trakt. I choose Exodus

treats for exodus

Click ‘Configure’ button on the next screen

exodus treats

Select the “Accounts” option in the left pane

how to    treats to install on kodi

Click ‘Authorization… now’ in the section Trakt

treats for kodi

You can now see a popup window that asks you to visit and enter the displayed code.

Go ahead and activate the add-on the way you previously consented to Trakt

treats to kodi

Once the authorization is complete, you’ll see your Trakt account name in the Tract section (see image below)

treats kodi treats kodi

How to Buy a Premium Treat account without ads

If you want to have an ad-free experience, you can subscribe to one of the VIP subscriptions. Trakt has two VIP plans:

  1. $2.50 per month: This plan gives you access to all VIP features
  2. $5 per month: With this plan you get all the VIP features and the Executive Producer Credit

To sign up for the VIP subscription, sign in to your Trakt account and click on the VIP link at the top. You make the payment with PayPal or credit cards. You can make the payment using paypal or credit/debit cards.

how to    treats to install on kodi

Packaging Up

Now that you’ve got Kodi Trakt. addon integrated into your Tract account, you start watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Trakt will run in the background and sync your activities quietly. But you also change the settings so that you are notified every time there is a Treat activity on Kodi. Trakt will gradually learn your viewing habits and suggest movies and TV shows accordingly. Go to and see everything Trakt has kept up with for you.


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How to Install and Set Up Trakt on Kodi

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