How to Install Boom Kodi Builds in Simple Steps

How to Install Boom Kodi Builds in Simple Steps

How to Install Boom Kodi Builds in Simple Steps: So after a lot of request from our users here is an article on How to Install Boom Kodi Builds in Simple Steps

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to to install Boom Build on Kodi. The method used here works on all Kodi supported device platforms including Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Android, and iOS Mobiles, Tablets, Android TV boxes and computers.

Boom Community is a relatively new name in the Kodi world. However, it has gained a lot of traction in recent weeks. The community brings you a new and refreshing collection of Kodi builds. At the moment of writing guide, there are six builds in the menu: Obscure, Sky Vader, Eclipse, Ignite, Ignite Cool, and Sky Vader LITE.

While the build collection is new, it looks very promising and encourages me to include it in our list of best Kodi builds.

I provide the full set of installation instructions herein guide. For the demonstration purposes, I will install the Sky Vader build from the collection. Keep reading!

How to to install Boom Build on Kodi

I will now walk you through the detailed installation procedure. There are several steps involved. Make sure to follow each step in the correct order. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re going to do in the same order as indicated below:

  • Allow unknown sources
  • Add it Boom Build the source URL to Kodi
  • to install Boom Warehouse
  • to install Boom Community Wizard
  • to install Boom Build from the wizard

Let’s get started now. Follow these steps:

Steps 1 through 5 are for enabling unknown sources. This option must be enabled to install third-party builds such as Book Kodi Build. It is disabled by default.

# 1 Go to the Kodi Settings by clicking the gear / gear icon. You’ll find this icon at the top left of the Kodi home-screen

# 2 In the Kodi settings, click System settings

Kodi boom to build

# 3 Click Add-ons on the next window

# 4 In the same window, enable the option Unknown sources

boom    kodi builds

# 5 Click Yes to keep this option enabled. You can ignore the warning message if Boom Kodi build is safe. I personally tested it

boom    build on kodi

# 6 Now press back button once to return to Kodi settings (or click the gear icon on the home-screen)

You now add it Boom Build the resource on Kodi in the following steps

# 7 Click File manager

how to    to download boom build on kodi

# 8 Click Add source if you see this window (scroll down if you don’t see this option)

boom    build kodi

# 9 Click

boom    build wizard on kodi

# 10 Type the following path / link in the empty field on the next screen:

This is an important step, so make sure to type the path carefully

Click OK

Kodi boom to build

# 11 Now enter the name in the field that says Enter a name for this media source. You can enter any name that you want to identify the source with. You need to click on this name later.

I mention this source Boom

Click OK when your screen looks like what you see in this picture.

boom    builds for kodi

This is how you do it Boom Build a resource for Kodi. In the following steps, install it Boom Warehouse

# 12 Return to the homescreen of Kodi and click Add-ons in the menu on the left sidebar

boom    kodi builds

# 13 Then click

Note: If the version number of the file has changed, don’t worry. It will still install the repository

Kodi boom to build

# 14 Boom repository will now be installed. Wait for the notification to be read Boom Repository Add-on installed

boom    repository

The Boom Repository is now installed on Kodi. We go to the next part where we install Boom Wizard.

# 15 Click Install from repository> Boom Warehouse

boom    kodi wizard

# 16 Open Program add-ons

Kodi boom build wizard installation

# 17 Click Boom Community Wizard

boom    community wizard

# 18 Click to install button (bottom right)

how to    to install boom community wizard

# 19 Wait until you see it Boom Community Wizard Add-on installed message at the top right of the window

how to    to install boom build on kodi

With this you have the Boom Add-on for Community Wizard. Now we will cover the last part where we install the build of this wizard

# 20 A popup will appear with the following message. Simply press the back button on your remote or click the back Button on the popup to get rid of this message

boom    kodi builds

# 21 When you see this popup, click OK (next to Remind Later button, but not visible)

how to    get kodi boom to build

# 22 Go to the Kodi homescreen and go to Add-ons> Program Add-ons. Click on the Boom Community Wizard icon

# 23 Click Boom Community Wizard builds menu option on the next screen

how to    to get boom builds on kodi

# 24 There are 6 builds as I write this guide. You can install any build you want. I’m picking Sky Vader LITE built by Gerwyn

# 25 Click NO when you see the following prompt.

Even though I recommend Fresh Start for other builds, in this case the build wouldn’t install when I clicked YES. Hope the developers fix this problem soon.

boom    build on kodi

# 26 Wait while the Boom Wizard downloads and installs the build. You will see the progress on the screen. This may take a few minutes depending on the internet speed and device platform.

boom    build kodi

# 27 When the build is finally installed, the following prompt should appear. Kodi must be force closed for the build to take effect. So click OK

boom    build on kodi

# 28 Click now Force close BMC to exit the Kodi application

how to    to install boom kodi builds

You got it Boom Build on Kodi.

Inquisitive Boom Kodi Build

Now let’s take a quick look at the build. Restart the Kodi application to get it Boom To build. If this is the first time, let the build complete the updates. It will take a few minutes but will keep the build up to date.

This is the homescreen of the build:

how boom kodi build looks

As you can see, the build interface is not that much different from the other builds in terms of layout. It has its own unique skin, of course.

The menu items are arranged in a bar in which you can navigate from left to right or vice versa. The submenu bar is aligned below the menu bar. The submenu shows the options based on the item highlighted in the menu.

The add-ons related to the selected menu or sub-menu item are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The menu bar features the following options:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Fitness
  • Sport
  • Treats
  • Setup
  • System
  • Live TV
  • Kids Zone

Now let me take you to the Video Addons section.

how to    use boom build on kodi

This Book Kodi build has a number of popular names like Neptune Rising, Placenta, Genesis Reborn, Uranus, SportsDevil, and more. However, some of these add-ons are only popular because they have been around for a while. Surprisingly, the build doesn’t feature some newer add-ons.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of options to stream all types of video content like movies, shows, live TV, sports etc.

Final Words

i installed Boom Build on FireStick and computer. It worked well on both. It initially crashed a few times during the time you start the build for the first time and it is running addon updates. However, once the add-ons were updated, things went smoothly.

I have also encountered a few error messages during installation. I kept ignoring those messages. I started to believe the build would not install. But in the end it happened.

Boom is a new Kodi build and looks like it is still in the development phase. Some good and popular add-ons are missing. While you can install them separately, I think they should be part of the package.

Construction looks very promising. That’s why I’m making it part of our Best Kodi Builds list. I’ll be watching it for a few weeks and see if it gets even better. You can give this build a try or explore our list to try other builds.


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