How to Install Medusa Addon on Kodi / FireStick

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Medusa addon on Kodi. You can use the instructions to edit the addon on all platforms supported by Kodi. This includes Amazon FireStick, iOS and Android mobile devices, Android TV boxes, Mac, Windows and Linux computers, and more.

Medusa Kodi addon offers you a huge library of movies and TV shows. Not only will you find the most recent movies and episodes here, but you can also discover a huge collection of movies from the past. Medusa looks like a fork from once very popular and now no longer functional addon Poseidon. It derives the simplicity and ease of use of its predecessor. However, it also offers several improvements.

The first thing that you will probably notice is the fast navigation. You can quickly scroll through categories and hop from one option to another. Medusa also gets the streams fast and plays the chosen link almost immediately. It didn’t take me time to figure out that this had to be the part of our Best Kodi Addons list. For now, it is addon looks great and I hope it continues in the same way for a long time to come.

How to Install Medusa Addon on Kodi

The first thing you’ll want to do is prepare Kodi to install third-party add-ons like Medusa. Kodi’s internal security setting prevents the installation of such add-ons.

Enable unknown sources on Kodi

Follow the steps below:

# 1 Open the Kodi app and go to the Settings (click on the gear icon on the home screen)

# 2 Now you want to click System (Kodi 18) or System settings (Kodi 17.6)

medusa kodi addon

# 3 In the next window, click the Add-ons in the menu on the left

kodi medusa addon

# 4 Now navigate right and if Unknown sources is turned off, click the switch and turn it ON

install medusa addon on kodi

# 5 This warning message says installing third-party add-ons can be risky. However, I have personally tested and used Medusa addon. So be assured that it is safe.

Click Yes

medusa kodi addon

Now let’s get started with the actual installation process.

Medusa Kodi Addon: Installation instructions

The installation process can take a little longer. But it is not difficult in any way. All you need to do is follow each step carefully and in the same order, it was formatted. Here are the steps:

# 1 Open it Settings out of the homescreen of Kodi

jellyfish addon

# 2 Pick File manager The next

kodi medusa addon

# 3 Click Add source (on both sides of the screen)

steps to install medusa addon on kodi

# 4 Click where you see

medusa kodi addon

# 5 Type this URL / path in the empty space you see at the top of the next window:

Check the URL again and if it is correct, click OK

medusa kodi addon

# 6 You will now return to this window. Mark the empty space with the title Enter a name for this media source. In this blank space, type the name of the resource you want to identify it with. It’s up to you what you type.

I call it uk1

Click OK when you are done

kodi medusa

# 7 If you’re using Kodi 18 Leia, press the back button once to return to Settings. Click Add-ons and proceed to step # 10.

If you are using Kodi Krypton 17.6 then follow the next step

install medusa addon on kodi

# 8 Go back to Kodi home-screen. Click Add-ons on the left menu bar

medusa kodi

# 9 Open the box-like icon at the top left. It is called Installer package

install medusa addon

# 10 Click Install from zip file

medusa kodi addon

# 11 Click uk1 (or click on another source name you chose earlier in step 6)

how to install medusa addon on kodi

# 12 Go ahead and click on the zip file repository.uk1-xxxzip

Note: The version number of this zip file has been replaced here with xxx. If the file has been updated, it may differ from what you see in the picture

medusa kodi addon

# 13 Wait until you see it uk1 Add-on installed message in the top right corner of the window

how to get kodi medusa addon

# 14 Now open the option Install from repository on the same screen

kodi medusa addon

# 15 Open uk1 repository

jellyfish addon on kodi

# 16 Click Video add-ons The next

medusa kodi addon

# 17 Click Jellyfish

kodi medusa addon

# 18 Click to install button bottom right

how to install medusa addon on kodi

# 19 If you’re using Kodi 18 Leia, you’ll also see this prompt with the list of additional add-ons that will be installed with Medusa. Click OK

Note: If you are using Kodi Krypton you will not see this popup

jellyfish addon

# 20 Wait for the Medusa Add-ons installed notification. It shouldn’t take more than a minute

kodi medusa

Excellent! Medusa Kodi addon is now installed on your device. Go ahead and enjoy.

A brief overview of Medusa Kodi Addon

Let’s take a look first how to access to Medusa. It is actually very easy. Of the homescreen of Kodi, go to Add-ons> Video Add-ons and click Medusa. If you don’t have many add-ons installed, you can even use the addon on the homescreen itself.

how to get medusa addon on kodi

Medusa is an on-demand addon that offers regular streaming choices – Movies and TV shows. As shown in the image above, it follows the standard design with regular options. Just click on the Movies or TV Shows category and find what you want to watch.

kodi medusa addon

Like most add-ons, you will find these main categories are further divided into sub-categories. For example, if you open Movies from the main screen, you will find subcategories such as Genres, Year, Actor, etc. These subcategories usually contain more subcategories.

Medusa Kodi addon has a special Critters Corner category on the main screen with some special streaming options. It has several 100 Best categories such as 100 Best of All Time, 100 Best Action, 100 Best Adventure, 100 Best Biography and many more. This section gives you access to movies from the past. I found movie titles dating back to the 1950s. This is something you don’t often see with regular on-demand add-ons.

jellyfish addon guide

This addon usually fetches quality links and lets you stream at up to 1080p resolution. It also lets you log in with your Real-Debrid account and offers you higher quality streams and buffer-free playback.


Medusa is one of the better Kodi addons I’ve used lately. It looks like a normal one addon with regular categories. Most importantly, however, all basic functions are handled very effectively. It has a large library of movies and TV shows. It uses multiple scrapers to fetch dozens of links from different sources. It’s a fast addon. Navigation is fast and smooth and playback is almost instantaneous. If you want to watch movies and shows, Medusa Kodi addon is what you should try.

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