How to Install Myriad Kodi Addon in Easy Steps

How to Install Myriad Kodi Addon in Easy Steps: So after a lot of request from our users here is an article on How to Install Myriad Kodi Addon in Easy Steps

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install Myriad addon on Kodi. Myriad is one addon for on-demand content such as movies and TV shows. The method used for this guide works on all Kodi compatible devices including Android smartphones, tablets, Amazon FireStick, Fire TV and Fire TV Cube, Nvidia Shield, Xbox One, Android TV & Boxes, Computers and more.

Myriad is one of the newer Kodi addons for those who love to watch movies and TV shows. This addon comes as a welcome treat after Blamo quit repo, removing the very popular Neptune Rising and Placenta add-ons with it. There is enough media content for hours of binge watching. This addon has the latest episodes of movies and TV shows.

You may not have heard of Myriad Kodi addon yet. But I’m sure even if you hadn’t read this guide, you would soon have become acquainted with this addon. It is gaining a lot of traction, especially since our options have been drastically reduced. So let’s learn how to install Myriad Kodi addon so you can stream your favorite movies and shows in no time.

Update: Myriad Kodi Addon no longer works

Attention KODI Users: Read before proceeding

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How to Install Myriad Addon on Kodi

Like most platforms, Kodi has a security system that prevents you from downloading third-party plugins. This security system must be bypassed to install the Myriad Kodi addon. Here’s how to get around it:

Open the Kodi Settings of the home-screen. You’ll find the Settings icon in the top left, right below the Kodi logo

Choose now System settings

Then go to the left side of the screen and select from the sidebar Add-ons

The options related to add-ons will appear on the right, including Unknown sources. This is the option you will need to make sure it is enabled. So drag the switch next to it to the right and turn it on.

Kodi will throw the following warning on your screen. Do not worry about this warning. It is true that some third-party plugins and add-ons can do harm, but not the ones that are safe and tested. I have personally used Myriad and it is absolutely safe.

So click Yes

With this, you have configured the Kodi security settings to accept the third-party add-ons. Now we are going to follow the step-by-step instructions to install Myriad Kodi addon:

Step 1: Click again Settings on the homescreen of Kodi

Step 2: Then click File manager

Step 3: You should search Add source on either side of the next screen. Go ahead and click on one of them (see the image below)

Step 4: A new window should now appear as you see in the image I have provided below. Click on this window

Step 5: Another window will appear. In this window, you must type the following URL

Type the URL carefully as it points to the source from which we will eventually install the Myriad Kodi addon

Click OK

Step 6: In this step, you will need to provide a name for the source link you previously added. While I choose the name androidaba, you can type any name that you want to identify this resource

Your Kodi screen should look something like what you see in the following image

Click OK

Until this part of the tutorial we have added the Myriad Addon source to Kodi. The following steps will now happen guide u to install the Kodil repository. The Kodil repository will eventually be used to install the Myriad Kodi addon

Step 7: Press back / esc to go back to the Kodi home-screen.

Click Add-ons on your left

Step 8: Now click on the open box icon at the top left corner of the next screen. This icon is also colloquially referred to as Installer package

Step 9: Choose Install from zip file

Step 10: Click androidaba (if that’s the name you added earlier. If you entered a name, choose it)

Step 11: Click repository on the next screen

Step 12: Scroll down and click on it File

When I wrote this guide, 1.3 was the version number of the kodil repository zip file. If the number has changed, don’t worry. Still go ahead and click on the zip file

Step 13: Now just wait for it ..Kodil Repository Add-on installed message / notification. It will be displayed in the top right corner of your Kodi screen

You have successfully installed the Kodil repository. Now we install the Myriad Kodi addon.

Step 14: Click Install from repository

Step 15: Open ..Kodil repository

Step 16: Click Video add-ons

Step 17: Scroll down to it M. section of the list and click Multiple

Step 18: In the next window, click to install

Step 19: In about a few minutes it will Myriad Add-on installed message appears, again in the top right corner

Numerous Kodi addon is installed. Let’s investigate this now addon and see how we can watch movies and shows.

Step 20: You want to go back to the Kodi homescreen again. Click in the left sidebar Add-ons.

Click now Video add-ons where you will find the Myriad Kodi addon icon. Click on the addon icon to continue

Step 21: What you see next is the Myriad addon home-screen. The default view is IconWall, but you can change it to WideList. I’ll show you how in the next step

Step 22: Go all the way to the left of the screen and a retractable menu bar will slide out from the left. Change the display type from IconWall to WideList if you want to see the options as a list and not as icons (see the image below)

Step 23: Now let’s click Movies on the main screen of Kodi Myriad addon. As you can see below, the addon has all IMDB categories. But that covers pretty much anything you want to watch, including the latest movies. You can also sort the movies by genre. Simply click on the IMDB genre option

Step 24: Now you can see the Genre category. You can find the movies in different genres including action, adventure, animation, biography, etc.

Step 25: When you click on the TV shows on Myriad Kodi main screen addon, this is what you see. You can choose one of these categories and watch the TV shows.

That’s pretty much it about the Myriad addon for Kodi.

Final Words

One of the best things about Kodi is that it is an open-source platform. This allows independent developers to create top quality add-ons. And so, even if the old add-ons keep closing, we never run out of options because the new ones just never stop coming. I’ve come across some really cool new add-ons lately and Myriad is a fresh new entry on my list. Besides Myriad Kodi addon, you may also want to try some new add-ons like Medusa and DeathStar. All these add-ons have been developed using the latest technologies and are improved over the older ones. How did you like this? addon? Let us know by providing your invaluable feedback in the comments section below.