How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build Tutorial and Steps

So here we discuss the How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build, and after a lot of requests from our users here is a guide about How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build.

In this tutorial, you will receive detailed instructions for installing the Plutonium Build on Kodi Leia and lower versions.  You use these instructions on any device that supports Kodi. It works on Android devices, Amazon FireStick, Android TV Boxes, Windows, Mac, iOS and more.

The biggest draw of getting a Kodi build is to save yourself time and effort that goes into installing video add-ons separately. But, builds like Plutonium give you more than just the addons. They give you a whole new way to experience Kodi. They are a big departure from kodi’s boring and boring, standard interface.

Although there are a lot of Kodi builds out there, Plutonium Kodi building is definitely worth a try. It works almost effortlessly on all devices, even the ones with low specs like Amazon FireStick. This build has a huge inventory of add-ons for movies, shows, live TV, sports and more. I say, give it a try. I’m sure you’ll like it.

How to Install plutonium Kodi Build

Attention KODI users: Read before continuing

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To install a third-party plug-in (addon kodi, you need to make sure that the security option Unknown sources is enabled. Kodi, by default, keeps it off to malicious addon install automatically.

For secure addons or builds such as Plutonium Kodi Build, enable this option by following the steps below:

#1: Open the main line Settings Menu of Kodi. To do that, you need to click on the tooth icon present on the Kodi homescreen (top left)

#2: In the settings options, click System

plutonium to be built on kodi

#3: the Add-ons menu on the left side of the next screen

You would now have a few options on the right along with the Unknown sources. This is the option you should turn on when it’s off. Click the switch next to it.

ezzermacs build plutonium kodi

#4: Then click Yes.

Don’t worry about this warning. Like I said, building plutonium Kodi is 100 percent safe.

kodi plutonium

By enabling the unknown sources, you allow Kodi to accept the build from third parties.

Click here to read our Disclaimer before proceeding.

Installation steps

Now we can get started with the Plutonium Kodi Build installation. Here’s how it goes.

#1: You want to open the Kodi Settings Again. As before, click the tooth icon on the Kodi homescreen

build plutonium kodi

#2: Open the option File Manager on the next window

plutonium built on kodi

#3: click and open the Add source option you see in the next window

kodi plutonium

#4: A new window must appear. Click

steps to install plutonium built on kodi

#5: This window has a keyboard at the bottom and the empty field to enter the source URL at the top.

Type the following URL carefully:

Check the URL again to make sure it’s entered correctly

Click Ok

plutonium kodi construction plant guide

#6: Mark the field now Please enter a name for this media source and type any name you want to use to identify the media source.

Let’s go with ezzer

Click Ok

kodi plutonium

Up to this point in the process, you have added the source link and pointed kodi to extract the required files from it. We’ll see how in the next steps

#7: back to the main screen or homescreen of the Kodi app. On the menu on the left, click Add-ons

Click the Package installer option on the left (see image). This is the option that is displayed by the open box icon

ezzermacs build plutonium kodi

#8: choose Install from zip file in the next window

kodi plutonium guide

#9: search and click ezzer (or any other source name you’ve added before)

building plutonium

#10: You must now see a zip file in the next window with the name Repository.

Click on this file

how to    plutonium to be built on kodi

#11: In about 120 seconds, you’ll see the notification EzzerMacs Wizard Repository Add-on installed

build plutonium kodi

This is another part of the process taken care of. The repository you just installed is used to get the EzzerMacs Wizard.

#12: Stay on the same screen where the above notification appeared. Click Install from repository

download plutonium build on kodi

#13: Open EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

ezzermacs plutonium kodi build repo

#14: Click Program add-ins

plutonium program addons

#15: Click EzzerMacs Wizard

wizard ezzermacs

#16: Click Install

how to    install ezzermacs wizard on kodi

#17: Wait for the notification EzzerMacs Add-in Wizard Installed

You successfully installed the wizard from which we get the Plutonium Kodi Build

ezzermacs build plutonium kodi

#18: You’ll now see three consecutive prompts on your Kodi screen. These clues often pop up when you install a wizard addon like EzzerMacs Wizard.

Click Dismiss on the first prompt

plutonium built on kodi

#19: Click Continue on the next prompt

Note: To make changes to any of the settings listed, click these settings before clicking Continue

plutonium construction menu

#20: Click Ignore on the third prompt

Note: This prompt prompts you to go directly to the list of builds on which you click Build Menu. But, I click Ignore so I can tell you how to go the list of the homeKodi screen, in case you decide to install the build sometime later

kodi plutonium

Note: These directions may reappear. Again, click on the same options.

#21: Go to the home-screen of Kodi again. Now open Add-ons And Program add-ins. In the Program Add-ins section, click the EzzerMacs Wizard

ezzermacs build plutonium kodi

#22: Click on the Builds Tab in the upper left and the list of builds appears on the left side of the Ezzermacs Wizard interface

how to    get to build plutonium on kodi

#23: Select the Ezzer-Mac’s Plutonium Build for your Kodi version (18 Leia or Krypton)

how to    add plutonium build on kodi

#24: Navigate to the right side of the window, and then click Click Click Fresh installation

I always choose Fresh Install over Standard Install because it’s best to install a build on Kodi from the start. If you want, you choose Standard Install. But it’s likely to cause problems later

easy to install for plutonium building

#25: Click Yes when asked

how to    plutonium to be built on kodi

#26: Now, all you have to do is wait for the build to install. The download and installation process usually takes several minutes, depending on the device and internet connection.

download plutonium kodi build

#27: When the build is installed, click Ok to force kodi to close

building plutonium

You successfully installed the Plutonium Build on Kodi.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I want to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and government. This means that streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, sports) can get you into legal trouble.

Kodi users are strongly advised to connect a VPN while streaming. A VPN for Kodi will limit ISP,ids surveillance and geo-restriction on popular add-ons. I always connect ExpressVPN on all my streaming devices and I suggest you do the same.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you use it freely for the first 30 days and if you are not satisfied with the performance (which is highly unlikely), you ask for the full refund.

Note: We do not encourage the violation of copyright laws. But, what if you end up up inadvertently streaming content from an illegal source? It is not always easy to see the difference between a legit and illegal source.

So, before you start streaming on Kodi, here’s how to Get VPN protection in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Include the ExpressVPN subscription Here.

Step 2: Click Here to download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Click the Power icon to connect a VPN server. That’s all. Your connection is now secured with the fastest and best VPN for Kodi.

closes expressvpn for kodi

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A quick overview of Plutonium Kodi Build

Like any other build, Plutonium Kodi Build is unpacked with a number of preloaded addons. There are plenty of addons to view a variety of media content.

As you would expect, this build features a collection of on-demand addons to stream free movies and shows. But, it also has an impressive inventory of addons for live TV and sports. In fact, there is a special section for Kids content as well.

ezzermacs build plutonium kodi

When you start the Plutonium Build on Kodi for the first time, it can seem slow. Don’t worry, there’s no problem with construction. The first thing each build does after installation is to update the existing addons. Probably there are multiple addons with the new updates.

The update installation slows things down a bit. But, it is best to wait and leave the update to complete. The up to date, addons perform faster and offer better content.

The theme of Plutonium Kodi Build is a bit flashy with clear images. This is the kind of theme that appeals to many users. I also sometimes like such colors and contrast.

The interface and layout of the build look familiar as the layout is standard and quite like many other builds I’ve seen. It has the menu bar right across the width of the screen somewhere around the middle. The submenu bar is pinned to the main menu bar.

The main menu bar also has familiar options such as movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, etc. Whether you’ve used a Kodi build in the past, you’ll need to master Plutonium Kodi Build in no time.

Go ahead and start exploring the build. Plenty of exciting options waiting to be unraveled.

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Packaging Up

Building plutonium Kodi may not necessarily be the most popular name in the world of Kodi builds, but it deserves attention. I discovered this build while I was looking for new Kodi builds that could be useful to my readers. I used it for a while and it kind of grew up on me. With many addons for all types of video content that I like to watch and different tools, it made perfect sense. So, I also decided that it would be a good idea to introduce this building to you. Here I am with this guide. Let me know how you feel about this build through the comments below.


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Specifications Need How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

Internet:Good Speed Internet
Ram:4 GB and above.
Version:Latest Download
Supported DevicesFirestick, Tv Windows, Linux, and Android
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How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build Guide is free?

Starting from: Free
This guide is a free model
Free Trial: May be included, please check on the official site, we mentioned above.
The How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build tutorial price is Free or Freemium. This means you can truly enjoy the How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build guide.

The How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build guide gives you an easy-to-use and efficient management and How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build allows you to focus on the most important things. It’s friendly guide to use maybe you will love it and How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build tutorial can be used on Linux, Windows or android devices.

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How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build Advantage and Disadvantage


  • The How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build Guide is free.
  • All steps are easy to use.


  • Time

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Benefits of using How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

  • The How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build tutorial is free .
  • Helps many users follow up with interest in a timely manner.
  • The How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build supported by windows and Android.
  • The price of the How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build guide is free.

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Feedbacks about How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

I really like this guide about How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build .
Each steps help me a lot.
Contact support is good.

Hello guys overall, I find How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build to be best tutorial yet.

How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build

In this guide, we told you about How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build; please read all steps so that you understand How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build in case if you need any assistance from us, then contact us.

What is this all about and how these steps help you?

So in this guide, we discuss the How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build, which undoubtedly helps you.

What is actual time in which this method complete?

The time to complete the How to Install Plutonium Kodi Build is almost 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

What are the supported Operating system?

Windows, Android, and Linux. (Maybe supported by ios too)

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