How to Install The Arc Kodi Builds

How to Install The Arc Kodi Builds

How to Install The Arc Kodi Builds Tutorial and Steps

So here we discuss the How to Install The Arc Kodi Builds, and after a lot of requests from our users here is a guide about How to Install The Arc Kodi Builds.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to Install The Arc Builds on Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi Krypton. Since kodi’s interface is the same on all platforms, these steps apply to Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, a series of Android mobiles tablets, Windows and Mac and more.

The Arc Wizard brings you an impressive line up of awesome Kodi builds. This addon is relatively new, but I have to say that it does very well for itself in a short span of time. Arc Wizard also features a more intuitive interface, with different graphics elements to make things even easier and exciting for you.

This wizard has numerous builds, including in-house and third-party. I’ll build the in-house Route 66 here to guide you go through the installation process. Keep reading!

Attention KODI users: Read before continuing

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How to Install The Arc Builds on Kodi

The Arc Kodi Builds are not sourced from kodi’s official sources. This is why they are called third-party builds. To install them, you must bypass one security setting. Follow the steps below:

1. Start Kodi

2. Click Settings (top left) on the homescreen

3. Click System on Kodi or System on Kodi 18

how to    Install the arch kodi builds

4. Select the menu item now Add-ons to the left of this screen

5. Click the switch to the right of the same screen to enable the option Unknown sources

the arch builds on kodi

6. When it appears promptly, all you have to do is click Yes

Install the arch kodi builds

The Arc Kodi builds are safe. However, once you’ve installed the build, it would be a good idea to turn off/disable the unknown sources again.

I’m taking you through the installation process of The Arc Builds on Kodi. Let me break down the process in simple parts so it’s easy to follow:

  • Install the United Wizard Repository
  • Install the Arc Wizard
  • Install the build you want from Wizard Arc

We will now cover each part in the order it has been provided.

Install the United Wizard Repository on Kodi

To install the repository, you first need the source. The next steps will be guide get through it:

1. Open the Kodi Settings of the homescreen one more time

the arch builds kodi

2. Click File Manager in the next window

kodi builds the arch

3. Click this screen on the option and open it Add source (If too many resources have been added, you may need to scroll down a bit)

the arch builds

4. Click now on the option

install arc kodi builds

5. You will now see the next window with an on-screen keyboard. Please enter the following URL carefully:

Make sure the URL is typed correctly, and then click Ok

install arc kodi builds

6. You will see this window now. Select the text field that has the text Please enter a name for this source.

Type the name of the source. It could be any name you like. But it’s good to make it relevant and identifiable. I’m going with Arc

When you’re done, click Ok

arc kodi buildYou’ve added the source URL to Kodi from where you install the United Wizard Repository

7. Press the back/esc buttons repeatedly until you click on the Kodi homescreen again

8. Click Add-ons

kodi arch builds

9. Navigate to the upper-left corner of the next screen and click the icon that looks like the Open box (commonly referred to as Parcel Installer)

arc kodi builds

10. Click the option Install from zip file when you see this window

kodi arch builds

11. Click Arc or another name you chose for the source while you previously added the source URL

how to    Install the arch kodi builds

12. Now you want to click the zip file

Install the Arc Wizard

13. United Wizard Repository Add-on Installed confirmation, which appears in the upper-right corner of the screen. It won’t take more than a minute.

united wizard repo

You have the United Wizard Repository installed. In the next part, we install the Arc Wizard.

Install the Arc Wizard

Arc Wizard is the addon who hosts The Arc Kodi builds. Here’s how to install it.

14. Continue from the last step in the first part (step 13) and Install from repository

If you are not in the same window as the following image, follow this path: Kodi homescreen > Add-ins > Package Installer (open box icon)

Install Arc Wizard

15. Click UnitedWizardRepo

Install the arch kodi builds

16. Open Program add-ins

kodi de boog builds route 66

17. Click Arc Wizard

how to    Install Arc Wizard

18. Click Install when you see this screen (the button lower right)

the bow wizard on kodi

19. Wait about a minute or two until you Arc Add-in Wizard Installed notification in the upper-right corner of this screen


20. You may or may not see a bunch of popup windows as soon as the addon installed. If you do, get rid of them by clicking on the right options

You installed the Arc Wizard on Kodi. Now let’s use this wizard and install the Kodi builds it offers.

Install the Arc Kodi Builds

The Arc Wizard offers numerous in-house builds. It also gives you access to the builds of other third-party sources, such as Ukodi1. We will install one of the in-house Kodi builds. Follow the steps below:

21. Click Add-ons again when you’re on the homeKodi screen

22. Now open Program add-ins and click on the Arc Wizard Icon

Open Arc Wizard

23. As you can see, Arc Wizard is very different from the other wizards build. It has a more graphical user interface unlike other wizards that rely largely on textual representation.

Click Builds Tab at the bottom of the screen

the arch builds

24. You will find the list of Kodi builds on links under different categories. Now select the build you want to install

I’m going with Build Route 66 under Dystopia Builds category, which is a Krypton build only. If you have Leia, choose one of the Kodi 18 builds.

build route 66

25. Install button after selecting the build

route 66 kodi

26. Unlike the other wizards, arc does not give you the ability to choose between fresh installation and standard install. The only way to install the build is clearly the existing Kodi data first (effectively Fresh Install).

Give your permission to continue by clicking Continue

how to    installation arch builds on kodi

27. Route 66 is a lightweight Kodi build weighing about 168 MB. Wait for the build to be downloaded and installed. It takes a few minutes (usually less than 5)

download route 66 kodi build

28. Once the build is installed, Kodi may abruptly terminate or ask you to close.  Repeat Kodi and you will find the new interface with the classic feel this build has to offer

That’ll be it. You have successfully installed one of the Arc Kodi Builds. Enjoy!

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closes expressvpn for kodi

Route 66: A quick look

Although The Arc wizard has installed plenty of other builds since we built Route 66 Kodi, we will explore it a bit.

The name itself as a vintage feel, which is further confirmed when you build it. This classic inspired build takes you back to the eras of the 70s and 80s. But make no mistake. The looks are classic, but the build is as modern as any other.

For a lightweight build, I’d say it has plenty of cool options. In addition to the regular categories for movies, shows, music, live TV, there are special sections on the homescreen for Sci-Fi, Horror, Documentaries and more.

how to    use the arc kodi builds

As you probably would already know, DeathStar is a collection of some great addons. There is a special category for this addon right to the right of home Screen. You will also find the category FeaturedThat features the top addons (as considered by the build developers).

route 66 kodi arch building

Route 66 features only a handful, but high quality, addons like DeathStar, The Magic Dragon, and more. To keep the building light, they didn’t add any unnecessary addons to make it look bloated. But you every addon about this Kodi, which is not already here. You might want to look at our list of top Kodi addons as well.

Final Words

I’m going to be the personal verdict not only to build the Route 66, but the Arc Wizard as well, which is the source of all Arc Kodi builds and various builds from third-party developers.

Arc Wizard has a solid collection of in-house as well as builds from other trusted third-party sources for Kodi 18 and Kodi. This makes it a great place to stop if you are looking for a store with a huge inventory of Kodi builds.  The Arc Wizard also has a unique, more interactive interface. Lets you quickly choose the desired Kodi build and start installation with just one click.

Coming to Route 66, it’s a good build overall. Being lightweight, it works effortlessly on FireStick and Android Boxes. It has this wonderful visual appeal theme to the bygone times of the late 70s and 80s. It’s a colorful build with a clean, organized interface.

Go ahead and try The Arc Kodi Builds. They’re good!

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