How to Install Furious Streams Kodi Addon

In this guide, you will learn how to install Furious Streams addon on Kodi. The images used here are from the Kodi app on PC. Since the Kodi interface is the same on all supported platforms, the demonstrated method works the same on FireStick, Fire TV / Cube, Android TV Box, Android TVs, smartphones, tablets, Roku, etc.

Steps How to Install Furious Streams Live TV Addon on Kodi

Furious Streams Kodi addon is not the part of the Kodi addon official warehouse. For third-party add-ons, you must allow the unknown sources before you can install them. Here are the steps to make the changes:

# 1. Open Kodi and stay on the home screen. Now click on the Settings icon at the top. It’s on the left, under the Kodi logo

# 2. Then click ‘System Settings’ when you see the following options


# 3. Now select ‘Add-ons’ on the left. When you do that, you will see the ‘Unknown Sources’ on the right along with a switch. If the switch is in the OFF position, drag it to the right to turn it ON


# 4. When you turn the unknown source switch ON, you will see the following warning message. Which is good. Ignore it because there is nothing wrong with the Furious Streams addon for Kodi. However, you may want to disable it once addon is installed


Now we can get started with the installation process.

Installation procedure for Furious Streams

The process I go through involves several steps. But do not worry. The installation method is simple. All you need to make sure is that the steps are followed in the correct order. Here we go:

Step 1: Open Kodi and click on ‘Settings’ at the top left of the home screen again


Step 2: Click on ‘File Manager’ when you see the next set of options


Step 3: In the next window, click on ‘Add Source’ as you see it in the image below


Step 4: Now click when the following window appears


Step 5: Type in the source URL in the text field (see image below) and click ‘OK’.

Make sure to enter the URL exactly as shown.


Step 6: Now type the name of the source in the ‘Enter a name for this media source’ field and click ‘OK’. You can choose any name by which you want to identify this resource (you will need it later).

I choose ‘brettus’

Note: With this step, we added the source from which we will instruct Kodi to install the Brettus repository. The repository is further used to install the Furious Streams addon.


Step 7: Now go back to the Kodi home screen and then click on ‘Add-ons’ in the left pane


Step 8: Next, click on the open box icon at the top left of the screen (also called ‘Package Installer’)


Step 9: Click on ‘Install from zip file’


Step 10: Click on the source name you chose earlier in Step 6. I click on ‘brettus’ because this is the name I chose for the source.


Step 11: Click on ‘brettus repo’ when you see the following options


Step 12: Now click on the file Please note that the version number of the file may change later. It is 1.0 at the time of writing this article.


Step 13: Now just wait for the Brettus Builds repository Add-on installed notification to slip from the top right corner of the screen (see image below)

Note: Seeing this message means that you have successfully installed the Brettus repository. Now we will use this repository to install the Furious Streams addon on Kodi.


Step 14: Then click on ‘Install from repository’


Step 15: Scroll down and click on ‘Brettus Builds repository’


Step 16: Click on Video Add-ons


Step 17: Click on ‘Furious’ Streamswhen you see the following list of Kodi addons


Step 18: Then click on the ‘Install’ button


Step 19: In about a few minutes you will see the ‘Furious Streams Add-on installed ‘message.

This message means the Furious Streams Kodi addon is installed


Step 20: To access Furious Streams, go back to the Kodi home screen and then go to Add-ons> Video Add-ons



Furious Streams because Kodi has an extensive collection of live TV channels, mainly from the US and the UK. Much of his channel streams are also available in HD quality. I like to watch live TV online. That is why I am constantly looking for good quality live TV channels. Of all the channels I’ve tried and tested, Furious Streams belongs to those who stand out. It is surprisingly fast and most channels work. This addon offers premium satellite TV over the internet and free. I personally recommend that you try it. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, let us know in the comments below.