IPVanish Review: A Top-Notch VPN Alternative!

IPVanish Review: A Top-Notch VPN Alternative! Tutorial and Steps

So here we discuss the IPVanish Review: A Top-Notch VPN Alternative!, and after a lot of requests from our users here is a guide about IPVanish Review: A Top-Notch VPN Alternative!.

The need for online privacy and anonymity has increased every year: hackers are an ever-present threat, because they can intercept your connection and steal your passwords. Even your credit card numbers run the risk of being duplicated and used without your permission.

You solve many of these security threats by hiring a reliable VPN service. Virtual Private Networks, or VPN, can mask users’ IP addresses and hide all their shared data and traffic in order to prevent them from being visible online.

The internet is full of VPN clients of all kinds: free, paid, quality and mediocre, there are dozens of providers out there. But only a few of them can claim to provide a complete, reliable service, and one of the most acclaimed is IPVanish. This article gives you in-depth insights from IPVanish. Stay tuned.

IPVanish Review

With most VPN industry agreeing on high speeds and overall good performance, IPVanish is one of the top five VPN clients available to users around the world. Based on the United States, IPVanish offers exciting features to go along with the possibility to surf the web privately and anonymously.

IPVanish, arguably the fastest VPN service provider in the field, is ideally suited for streaming enthusiasts, even those who like to watch HD multimedia content. Users will have an almost no-hassle experience, but since it has so many configuration options, it may not be perfect for beginners in the VPN world.

Other features including the reimbursement of P2P activity, which means that an excellent environment for torrenting is allowed, with secure downloads. IPVanish lets users configure their privacy needs and preferences and has more than 1,400 servers in more than 75 locations around the world.

IPVanish ensures that you implement strong encryption, which means that the data you share while connected are not available to prying eyes on the web. The Windows client can be a little confusing, but overall this option provides excellent service.

It has a desktop and mobile client, breakneck speeds in the UK and Europe, and highly configurable software as the main positives. The slowness of customer service and support is another drawback.

IPVanish Servers

While IPVanish can’t offer 90, 80 or even 70 countries for the connection like a handful of other VPNs can, it’s more than covered in that area, with over 1,400 servers in 75 locations strategically located around the world.

Imagine having the ability to access sites, tv shows, movies, streaming channels, torrent pages and other services from 60 countries worldwide: it’s a dream scenario for people who like to get entertainment options on the web.

ipvanish review for servers

Although it does not have a server in Russia, IPVanish is in European countries, and also in its hometown, the United States of America: it has more than 400 servers in 17 different cities.

IPVanish for Netflix

Unfortunately, IPVanish is one of the victims of Netflix’s efforts to spoof VPN attempts to spoof users’ location and access different geographic regions. The company blocked IPVanish’s servers and therefore users cannot enjoy the international content of this online multimedia platform.

However, and since the currently revised VPN choice has the United States as its residence, the U.S. Netflix region (which is by far the most exciting and complete library of movies, TV series and productions) is available in IPVanish. If you’re big on Netflix, you can guide on the best Netflix VPN.

IPVanish for Kodi

Kodi, as an open source multimedia platform, is a perfect choice for streaming addicts because they don’t have to pay the Netflix subscription price to enjoy the best movies, series, documentaries, short features, musicals and other productions.

Kodi functions with official and unofficial add-ons. Since many of them are available internationally, they can’t be unblocked from anywhere unless you have a VPN. IPVanish is one of the best VPN for Kodi users because of its 60 countries (that means you get add-ons from 60 countries!) and incredible snelhEden.

To run Kodi with your IPVanish VPN account, all you have to do is run the app or client, depending on your device, and that’s it! You have unlimited access to all add-ons from wherever you want.

IPVanish for Torrents

If you don’t encrypt your traffic and cover your identity, the prying eyes of the Internet can see what you’re doing. That, combined with the laws of some countries regarding torrenting and P2P activity, can limit your online experience and entertainment.

Fortunately, VPN services can help you do that. IPVanish, in particular, provides an excellent atmosphere for torrenting and P2P activity, allowing you to interact without worrying about government agencies that prohibit you from doing so.

There’s nothing like torrenting with 100% privacy, and to do it, IPVanish is the perfect tool, providing a safe environment and advanced features, such as the SOCKSS5 technology that allows you to be completely anonymous.

IPVanish for FireStick

The amazing Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular streaming devices in the planet right now because it is highly portable and users can carry it around and use it wherever and whenever they can see it. However, combined with IPVanish, it works at its best because it protects the user from hackers and other threats with robust encryption and all important protocols and it allows them access to sites and content from 60 countries worldwide. In addition, IPVanish offers some of the highest speeds in the industry, a perfect situation for streaming enthusiasts. You can read more about the best VPN for FireStick.

IPVanish Prices

If you only look at the monthly price, you’ll notice that IPVanish isn’t exactly one of the cheapest VPN clients on the market and checks in for $10. However, if you look at all features it offers, the secure encryption, privacy and anonymity, and the high number of servers and countries available for connection, then you will realize that the fee is more than fair.

In addition to the monthly subscription, IPVanish, as many VPN clients often do, offers and discounts if the person acquires the service for more than a month. For example, the quarterly mode is checked in at $8.99 and the annual mode costs the equivalent of $6.49 per 30 days.

IPVanish Coupon: One of the best things about IPVanish is – it keeps offering coupons time to time which will give you an extra discount on the price. Currently, IPVanish coupon SAVE20NOW is live that you use at the time of checkout and save an extra 20%.

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ipvanish review for prices

One of the favorite VPN features is free trials and convenient refund policies. Keep up With the standards of the VPN industry, IPVanish now also offers 30-day money-back guarantee.

An excellent feature for customers is the vast range of payment methods that IPVanish accepts for its services. These include credit card (all major,) PayPal, Bitcoin, Giropay, CashU, DineroMail and more.

IPVanish Speed and Performance

IPVanish passes almost all speed tests conducted by specialists and experts in the area. This US-based option can get 30-35 Mbps in UK servers and a similar rate in the rest of Europe, where it is known to be particularly strong.

The speeds are not only high/ fast, but also consistent. Most servers in the United States can be up up to 25-30 Mbps. IPVanish has a convincing advantage over other providers: by choosing the Best Server option, the system will connect you automatically, although you will find one manually that is faster than the one IPVanish assigns when choosing this feature.

IPVanish has DNS leak protection and a killswitch, among others features, ensuring user privacy while enjoying some of the best speeds in the VPN market. If you’re in the Uk, the rest of Europe, or the United States, you may not find a faster customer.

IPVanish speeds can compete even with the most reliable VPN alternatives in the field, and that’s something streaming enthusiasts don’t take for granted.


The “Best Server” feature significantly improves the user experience, especially if the customer is a beginner in the VPN world. If IPVanish didn’t have that, it would be tricky for a person using a Virtual Private Network for the first time to navigate through the dozens of options and configurations this alternative has.

The Android and iOS apps show your current IP address, the server you’re connected to, and how much time you’ve used it. It also shows the customer how much data it has shared with the system.

A small drawback of IPVanish’s otherwise excellent service is the lack of an ad-block feature. There are few things as annoying as having to delay someone’s online experience due to inappropriate advertising messages that you don’t want to see.

There are tutorials install and set up up IPVanish for Amazon Fire TV Stick, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, so users have guidance if they’re amateur. These apps usually don’t take very long to download and are usable after installation.

The interface offers numerous configuration options that can personalize the VPN experience. IPVanish has also added support for the light/dark mode that matches OS preferences.

Protocols and encryption

ipvanish security and privacy features

IPVanish is rich in security measures and features, especially on mobile devices such as iOS and Android. The user can “network block”, which means that some of your phoneThe apps can’t connect to the Internet until the VPN is turned on. And since IPVanish has unlimited data throughput, you just leave it permanently.

With a useful, innovative system, IPVanish keeps you protected from unsafe, public Internet connections that don’t require a password when your phoneOr laptop, has activated Wi-Fi. Plenty of hackers take advantage of people’s lack of attention and naivety, but IPVanish ensures you’re not the latest victim.

IPVanish uses the widespread OpenVPN encryption, with AES-256 bit cipher, HMAC SHA1 data authentication, RSA-2048 handshake and HMAC SHA-256 control authentication.

The AES 256-bit encryption is commissioned by the U.S. government because it considered this method to be the best of them all, using it to protect its online communications at all levels. Despite concerns that the government may use IPVanish as a facilitator to read messages “hidden” through the AES-256 method, that’s not the case because all major VPN service providers implement the encryption measure.

VPNs that implement AES-256-bit encryption with the OpenVPN protocol, as IPVanish does, are usually near or top of the list when it comes to the rankings of experts and people’s preferences.

Clients and compatibility

IPVanish offers more than enough compatibility to satisfy most circles around the Internet. This brand has apps for Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, iOS, Android and even Amazon Fire TV/Stick. This is especially useful because IPVanish allows users to connect Unlimited devices at the same time.

ipvanish vpn review

IpVanish Windows client installer will be a shortcut for this VPN brand on your desktop. You just have to click on it to get the app up and run. After entering, you must specify the user name and password you created in the sign.up Process.

When you are located, you will see three server locations in the main screen, located in the lower part of the layout, just above the button used to ‘Connect’. You must choose the country you want to connect to, then the city and finally the server.

You have the list of servers to choose one of the 850 that IPVanish has to offer its loyal customers, and in the Settings section you’ll find the necessary configurations and options to personalize your experience.

IpVanish Log Policy

By now everyone is familiar with IPVanish and what the location on the world map means for privacy and logging of data and activities. In the United States, this option has to do with possible pressure from the NSA and other law enforcement agencies. In addition, there are copyright protectors who actively condemn alternatives such as VPN for their role in helping shady people who do obscure things.

If you are caught using a VPN to share and distribute illegal content, then the chances of going to jail are high. However, IPVanish allows P2P activities and trusts that its customers will not engage in such activities and certainly do not endorse criminal acts.

In their privacy policy, IPVanish states that it does not keep logs of its users’ activities while connecting under vpn encryption, and in the case of an NSA court order, they would have nothing to help them. Because of that scenario, people are sure of the reliability of IPVanish.

IPVanish Extra Features

While it may seem overly complicated for beginners and simplicity lovers, IPVanish has exciting features that most VPN regulars will take and deploy. For example, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

DNS leak protection ensures that there are no WebRTC or IP leaks that may compromise your online identity or your digital assets. Also, a killswitch allows users to protect their resources even if the VPN connection fails.

Five simultaneous connections allow users to combine numerous devices under the same VPN connection, even if they don’t configure the encryption in their routers. The app is self-installing, helping novice users.

The interface, although not very attractive, is considered easy to use, although some circles have complained about the many menus, setups and configuration options. There is unlimited data throughput, though.

ipvanish features

Along with the +850 servers and the 60 countries that IPVanish offers the ability to connect its users, there is a pool of more than 40,000 IP addresses to give away. It means customers can switch between servers in their quest for better speeds and performance.

IPVanish enables P2P activity, a perfect setup for torrenting, and it has a SOCKS5 web proxy. It implements the best encryption protocols available in the VPN industry, in the form of OpenVPN, Layer to Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) and the old PEER to Peer Protocol (PPTP)

IPVanish Browser Extensions

Despite all its useful and exciting features and the offer does not have special extensions for specific web browsers, but it has a Chromebook-designed app for users of this operating system. In addition, it has apps for almost all OS and devices.

Customer support

Customer service used to be the disappointment of IPVanish. They only offered email support and it took almost 24 hours to get the answers. However, the support system has been significantly improved.

IPVanish now offers 24/7 Live Chat Support and Phone Support during business hours.

In addition, the FAQ page is another way to help IPVanish customers install, set up up, and help with accurate advice. Users can quickly search for specific items and features what they want to know more about.

In addition, IPVanish offers full setup guides to install and use this VPN service correctly on all devices and under any operating system. If you want to know something that the FAQ, tutorialsEn guides can’t answer, email you, chat live or call phone Service

IPVanish Review: Final Thoughts

Inch conclusion, IPVanish is a fantastic VPN client that comfortably ranks among the top five in the business. It has an excellent number of servers, and it can help its customers connect to 60 countries around the world. What does that number mean? Well, customers can access streaming content, torrenting sites, favorite websites and Kodi add-ons from 60 countries, which is an elite number that tops almost all of the primary providers, with a few notable exceptions.

IPVanish has some weaknesses. For example, it doesn’t have a free trial option, the refund policy is pretty short compared to other top competitors, it doesn’t have an ad blocker, and the Windows client can be a little tricky, judging by different expert opinions. However, the main drawback is almost non-responsive customer service without a live chat feature and it takes forever to respond via email to simple questions or requirements that may be urgent.

Nevertheless, IPVanish is one of the favorite options for streamers and torrent lovers around the world. Based in the United States, it has more than 400 servers there, distributed in 17 locations. Given that the country has a ton of streaming sites and platforms, add-ons, shows, online channels and other types of content, IPVanish can be very useful in your search for unblockhonor things in America.

By applying the military AES 256-bit encryption, IPVanish made your content and shared traffic off limits from spies and prying eyes on the web. It also allows its customers to choose between different protocols, including OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP.

IPVanish, despite its roots in the United States and subject to various law enforcement agencies, does not keep logs of users’ activities so they can navigate the web privately and with anonymity.

The bottom line is that IPVanish is a top VPN, with excellent offerings and good value if you take into account how much features and unique elements it has. For experienced VPN users, IPVanish is a dreamy client because of all the possibilities to up configuration. Even if you choose to buy the most expensive plan, which is the monthly, you certainly won’t be disappointed, as the prospect of having access to content from 60 countries with high speeds and constant performance is hugely tempting.


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