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Do you want a phone calling from a Mac? Maybe you’re interviewing someone for a podcast and want to record both sides of the conversation? You may want one phone demand for quality and training purposes? Whatever the purpose, there are several ways to get a phone call from a Mac, but we’re going for perhaps the easiest method which is decidedly low-tech but very reliable.

Note that we have a phone calling from an iPhone or Android phone, or even an old cathedral phone, to a Mac. This is different from recording an iPhone call on an iPhone with something like voicemail as the captured audio file ends up on the Mac.

Important: Keep in mind that there are many different laws regarding recording phone calls, and it is entirely your responsibility to determine which one is relevant to your situation and location. Make sure to check your local laws before recording anything phone dial. Often times, all parties must agree to have the conversation recorded. When in doubt, ask for clear permission for a phone call before doing this or do not answer the call. Failure to obtain proper permission to record a phone The call may cause you serious trouble, it is your sole responsibility to determine which laws apply to you in your city, state and country.

How to Take one Phone Calling from a Mac

You need a Mac with a built-in microphone (or external microphone), an iPhone or Android, and a quiet place to place the phone phone call from.

  1. On the Mac, open “QuickTime Player” and go to the “File” menu and choose “New Audio Recording”
  2. Place the Mac and phone so that they are close together
  3. Mute the Mac audio output by pressing mute button on the keyboard
  4. From the iPhone (or Android), call the person or number and get their clear unambiguous approval and permission that you phone dial
  5. Place the active phone call on loudspeaker phone mode
  6. Put the iPhone in speaker mode

  7. When you are ready to start recording it phone call on the Mac, click on the “Record” button in QuickTime on the Mac
  8. How to    Listing phone calls on Mac with QuickTime

  9. Got you phone conversation on speaker phone as usual near the Mac when you are done recording, or with the phone call, or both, click on ‘Stop recording’ button in QuickTime
  10. How to    Listing phone calls mac with quicktime

  11. Save the audio recording file in QuickTime Player as usual

This is a simple solution that isn’t particularly complex, but it’s great because it works with almost any solution phone, and on almost any Mac, as long as that Mac has a microphone, and as long as the phone has speakerphone capabilities (on the iPhone you can place a call on the speakerphone by pressing the speaker button, or even by initiating the call through Siri’s speaker). Due to its simplicity, it is also very reliable.

For better sound quality of the recorded phone you may want to try making a VOIP call from iPhone or Android. On the iPhone you can make VOIP calls via FaceTime Audio, Skype or even WiFi over a mobile network. On Android you can make VOIP calls via Skype, mobile Wi-Fi services and various other apps. VOIP calls usually sound better, reducing the audio recording phone call sound also better.

The main drawback of recording phone calls on a Mac with this solution is that the audio quality is not going to be as high as it could be, and all other ambient sounds may also be able to be recorded. But most of all phone calls aren’t exactly high definition anyway, so the question is whether you could tell the difference between this approach and a more professional setup. Some podcasts and reporters are recording phone calls in this manner, or by using a similar method to record only audio output from a speaker phone call, so it’s not a rare method or unique approach by any means.

You can also record phone calls with any other audio recording app on Mac, but recording audio with QuickTime in Mac OS is simple and fast, and it’s available as a feature in many versions of the app in different releases of the Mac OS operating system, making it reliable on many different Macs.

Are there more high-tech solutions? Of course! You can perform direct audio recording from iPhone with microphone for your own voice, you can make direct line recording from one phone call from the Mac via an iPhone, or you can rig up both ends of the call, use microphones to record their sides of the conversation, which can then be merged into an audio editing app, or you can use fancy microphones to record take the speakerphone output too, but each of these situations is more complex than simply using the Mac’s built-in microphones (on MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, and iMac models) and the iPhone’s built-in speakerphone or Android feature. Another option is to record the conversation directly on iPhone using voice mail recording trick, or various other third-party apps or solutions available for iOS, but of course, no Mac would be needed in those situations.

Do you know of another easy and simple way to record? phone calls on a Mac? Share them with us in the comments below!

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