How to remove unlocked bootloader message on Moto G 3rd gen 2015

Earlier we wrote a article about How to unlock Bootloader on Moto G 3rd gen 2015. Once you have unlocked the Bootloader on your Moto G 3rd gen 2015, every time you reboot your device you will see Bootloader Unlocked Warning screen. If you don’t want to see again the Bootloader Unlocked Warning message every time, then we can help you in removing it.

Yes, this is possible because today we’re here with another article How to Remove Unlocked Bootloader message on Moto G 3rd gen 2015 by just following the below steps.

Steps To Remove Unlocked Bootloader Message On Moto G 3rd Gen 2015

 Step 1. First of all download Moto G 2015 unlocked logo and copy it to your device SD memory.

Step 2. Now download and install adb and Fastboot tool and TWRP recovery v2.8.7 on your PC.

Step 3. Now place the TWRP recovery v2.8.7 file in ADB and Fastboot tool folder.

Step 4. Now double click on py_cmd.exe from ADB and Fastboot tool folder.

Step 5. Now connect your device with PC with USB cable and make sure USB drivers are installed on your PC.

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Step 6. Type adb devices in cmd and hit enter.

Step 7. After that type adb reboot bootloader and hit enter.

Step 8. Type another command: Fastboot flash recovery twrp-osprey-2.8.7-test1.img.

Step 9. You’ll see some process running on your device screen.

Step 10. Select recovery from the adb mode.

Step 11. Now you’ll be in recovery mode, tap on install to flash moto G 3rd gen 2015 unlocked file.

Step 12. Once the installation is completed, Reboot your device from recovery.

Step 13. That’s it! Now you’re done ?

So above is all about How to remove unlocked bootloader message on Moto G 3rd gen 2015. I hope you like it so please don’t forget to share this post with others.