Restore an iPhone from Backup

Restore an iPhone from Backup Tutorial and Steps

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Restoring an iPhone to a Previous Backupup is very simple, and while it is quite rare that you need to restore an iPhone or other iOS device, it may still be necessary from time to time. What to restore from a backupup is quite simple: it wipes everything off the device, installs a clean version of the iOS system software, and then restores all personal stuff to exactly how it was from the last backup.up. This is one of the many reasons why regular backups are recommended, especially if you participate in major iOS upgrades, customizations or tweaks (jailbreak or otherwise) as it allows you to return to the last guaranteed working state of the device, with all your data, apps, and customizations intact.

If you are new to the process of backups and restore, don’t let the technical-sounding nature put you off the process. It’s actually quite easy with the iPhone, and we’ll show you exactly how to do it from iTunes, if the phone is synchronized and supported up to a computer, and also how to do it with iCloud, if the phone is supported up to Apple’s remote servers. The iCloud method is by far the easiest, most applicable to new iPhone users, and it’s also quite quick so we’ll get into that first, but feel free to jump to the iTunes method below if that’s what you need rather does.

How to Restore an iPhone from an iCloud backup

iCloud backups are generally the easiest to restore from as the whole process can be done remotely and on the iPhone itself, it doesn’t require a connection to a computer and iTunes is not necessary. The only two requirements for recovering iCloud backups are an iCloud account that is active and a recent iCloud backupup to return to. Going the iCloud route is actually two different steps: erasing the phone and then restoring it from a backup.up, here is how to do both:

  1. Open Settings, go to “General” and then go to “Reset”
  2. Choose “Erase All Content and Settings” and confirm the reset by tapping “Erase iPhone” – let this process complete, it will take a minute or two and the iPhone will reboot
  3. When the iPhone has booted, go through the installation screen and when you get to “Set Up iPhone ‘, ignore the other options and choose’ Restore from iCloud Backupup ‘

Recover the iPhone

Let the iCloud restore begin and end, it may take a while depending on how many things you had supported up and how fast the internet connection is. Interrupt it phone during this process and do not let the batteries run out or you may end up up with a ‘bricked’ device that requires a manual hard recovery via recovery mode, which is a much more complex process.

How to Restore iPhone from a backupup with iTunes

For this method, a backupup of the iPhone up recently to iTunes via a computer. This usually happens whenever an iPhone is connected to a computer via USB cable, assuming automatic sync is turned on. The instructions are identical for Mac OS X and Windows users, as iTunes is basically the same on both platforms:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes
  2. Right-click on iPhone and select “Restore from Backupup- OR – choose the “Summary” tab in iTunes, then click “Restore” button
  3. Choose the right backupup (usually the most recent in the list with the ‘Last Sync’ time) with the name of the iPhone you want to restore to
  4. Click on ‘Restore’ to start the process of recovering from that backupup to recover

The “Recover iPhone” button is highlighted in this screenshot:

Restore iPhone from a backupup in iTunes

The appearance is slightly different from different versions of iTunes, but the process is always the same. As mentioned, the right-click menu also allows you to restore from backups and it looks like this:

iPhone backupup to recover

If you find that the last synced time is not very recent, just back up more often.up of your iPhone! It’s a good idea to make regular backups on all devices, be it your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or whatever.

Restores everything supported Up Data: contacts, calendars, notes, etc.

Keep in mind that both the iCloud and iTunes process restores just about everything, including the contacts, calendars, notes, iMessages, and text messages, phone calls and call history, apps, app settings and general system settings, but it doesn’t revert to previous versions of iPhone firmware or baseband, which is generally impossible these days, nor does it erase iPhone and restore it to all factory settings, which is a different process in that the phone is in fact reset and then appears as if it was first out of the box (in other words, there is no use of the backupup). If you are used to the world of iOS tweaks and jailbreaking, you will find that the process of undoing an iPhone or iPad is quite similar.

Note that this process is the same regardless of the iOS version and iOS device, although it may look a little different depending on the version control. For example, this is what the iCloud restore looks like on iOS 6, while the above screens show iOS 8 and iOS 9 – all versions can be restored, however, it’s just the appearance that looks different:

Restore an iPhone from iCloud Backup

Restore from a backupup can be a meaningful problem solution trick if you have many unexplained problems with iPhone. When things just go weird, the battery drains exceptionally fast, apps crash or just don’t work properly, and clearly there’s an issue with the iOS system software or some specific settings on the device. In most cases, a full restore will fix such an issue, but if it doesn’t, you may need to take further action through the official AppleCare line or Genius Bar.

Updated: 1/1/2020

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