How to Set Video As Live Wallpaper On Android Device

video live wallpaper

Set Video As Live Wallpaper On Android Device – Live wallpapers are one of the excellent things that exist on Android devices. They make your Android phone’s screen look superior, and you feel like your screen has come alive. Your phone comes preloaded with a variety of live wallpapers to select from, and you’ll set no matter you think is right on your phone.

Whereas that’s a great option and may try out the preloaded live wallpapers, some users just choose to have customized wallpapers. We suggest the videos that you have on your phone. Now you can also set every video as a live wallpaper on your phone. This app converts almost any video into the live wallpaper on your phone. So Here’s the method that you can use this app.

Step to Set Video As Live Wallpaper On Android device

Step 1. First of all, Download and install the app called “Video Live Wallpaper.”

video live wallpaper

Step 2. After installing, it’s now time to set up a video as the live wallpaper, just long-press on your device home screen. The n, Select the “Wallpapers” from the menu to Choose “Live Wallpapers.”

video live wallpaper

Step 3. You Should now see the list of live wallpapers. Scroll down and choose the option forVideo Reside Wallpaper.”

Step 4. Now Choose your live wallpaper’s video source by the move to its settings. Just tap the “Settings” option under the live wallpaper on the screen.

Step 5. In the settings page, go to the Live Wallpaper Preferences/Video Source. wherever you want to take a video from your device, then to choose the option for “File or directory.

video live wallpaper

If you want to choose a ready-made video from Video Live Wallpaper’s list, choose “Application Provider.”

Step 6. Now, choose the file or directory where you placed your movies. Your video formats should be 3GP or MP4.
After selecting your live wallpaper video source, you may also update its default preferences.

video live wallpaper

Step 7. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

The Best Advantage of  “Video Live Wallpaper”

Once you’ve accomplished, just tap on the back button. You’ll then see one of your videos as it continues to play on your screen. Simply don’t forget to select “Set Wallpaper” to confirm your choice. This app suspends its activity automatically while your phone is locked or while you’re running some application and therefore consumes less battery as compared to a standard live wallpaper and Therefore Consumes less Battery.

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