Top Five Android Nougat Tips and Tricks

April 5, 2021

The new and massive Android Nougat update came about a month ago. And a lot of the users have regarded it as the most customizable and efficient Android version until date. However, have you benefited yourself from its unique features? If you still haven’t got in depths and launched these features in your day by day utilization, then that is where you start. Now, Here is the list of Android Nougat Tips and Tips that can show to be extremely profitable for you and your device.

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There are two types of information to select from when installing Android “Nougat.” Users can both choose the full factory images, wherever it requires a device wipe and also restore the different factory firmware or the one which doesn’t need a device wipe which is the OTA binary image files.

If you’ve simply got the update on your Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus Player, or Android One, here are the features to check out right now. For everyone else, that is what you’ve got to look forward to when the update lastly arrives in your handset. You’ll be able to try the following tips and tricks and maximize the effectivity of your Android.

The Android Nougat Tips and Tricks

1. Get Side-by-Side Window for Multitasking

Android Nougat

Over a previous couple of years, Google is striving as a lot as possible to improve the efficiency of Android users. Now you’ll get a side-by-side window on your screen. To put it differently, you can split the original mobile screen to use more than one apps. Suppose, you need to copy something from your browser and paste that into your notepad or Evernote or Google Keep. Previously, you needed to copy that text, open another app, and paste that. Nonetheless, now, you may just put that second app on the split screen and use that as it’s. At first, open an app (it may be anything). Now, hit the Latest Apps icon and hold that button. You will find your split screen. Now, you can put every other app on the right-hand facet. That is also possible to change the display size of the half.

2. Higher battery performance

Android Nougat

This isn’t a feature you can try out as such. However, you need to notice the benefits while you’re utilizing your new Nougat-coated handset. The battery-saved Doze feature launched with Marshmallow has been more tweaked to eke out even more life from every charge.

Doze cuts down on some background activities (such as checking for emails) once you’re not utilizing your phone previously it kicked in when your phone was flat and still, however now it’s intelligent sufficient to know when your phone’s hidden away in a bag or a coat pocket as efficiently.

3. Use data Saver

Android Nougat Android Nougat

We have identified about data limiting and warning feature that Android provides. However, Google quietly stepped up in Android Nougat and introduced a particular feature for its users. The developers already know how precious, and costly is mobile data to its users, and so they have put in the proper tools to minimize the usage wherever possible.

If you want to know how to turn on data saver you simply  Go to the Settings < Data usage and tap on Data Saver. When the feature is switched on, none of the apps working in the background will be capable of send or obtain any data. If there are particular apps like Gmail or WhatsApp, that want fixed background data access to work correctly, then you possibly can only whitelist them. In Data Saver, tap on “Unrestricted data entry” and turn on background data for the apps you want.

4. Add Emergency Information

It was likely to add only one or two lines on the lock screen as emergency information or any notice. Though, now you can add similar health issues on your lock screen. Not only that, that is possible to show contacts on your lock screen for emergency function. For instance, you often get some issues related to health. Otherwise, you get any other form of problems. It doesn’t matter what, however, you can surely use this new Emergency section to see more out of your mobile while you are in problem. To set that, open Settings and go to Users. Here, you could find Emergency information on your screen. After tapping on that, you’ll get two sections i.e. INFO and CONTACTS. Select what you need to add and do that accordingly.

5. Enable Night Mode

Night mode is a long-awaited feature that Google has lastly added in Android Nougat. Night Mode will allow you to make a black screen so that you can check things without contracting your eyes in low light area. Speaking about the good being, you’ll get rid of eye strain by enabling Night Mode. Night Mode may be enabled by tapping on Invert Colours on the status bar. If default hides that, you can use the first trick to unhide that icon.

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