How To Unlock iOS 10 Device With a Single Click

Unlock iOS 10 Device With a Single Click – Here’s disable iOS 10 Press home to unlock or open on the lock screen and return its back to iOS 9-style one-click Unlocking on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Despite being thoroughly impressed with iOS 10 features, one thing that I didn’t like initially similar to most iPhone users is the sudden disappearance of “Slide to Unlock” feature.

Whenever you have been using the second-generation Touch ID sensor set in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, or iPad Pro, then you’re probably used to getting much frustrated at how fast it responds to the detection of a stored fingerprint to unlock the device. You may have only need to check the time, however, time and time again you’ve ended up on the Home screen. iOS 10 changes with its “Press home to unlock or open” functionality and “Raise to Wake” performance, however, that may not suite everyone’s needs.

The option to press the Home button to unlock the device didn’t seem to find favor among many users. If you’re also not happy with the new functionality, the re’s a choice to enable the slide to unlock on your iPhone.

Steps To Unlock iOS 10 Device With a Single Click

Step 1. First of all, Changing the behavior of the Touch ID unlock is trivial if where to look. To improve the functionality back to the iOS 9 style you’re easy with, just launch the Settings app.

ios 10

Step 2.  Now go on and tap “General.”

ios 10

Step 3. After that scroll down and choose the “Accessibility”.

ios 10

Step 4. Now scroll down repeatedly and look for the Home Button entry and choose it.

ios 10

Step 5. In the Home Button menu, you’ll see an entry, it is turned off by default in iOS 10, and named “Rest Finger to Unlock.” Toggle it on.

ios 10

Step 6. Now, You can also press the Home button and, with a single press, both awake and unlock your iOS device.

Step 7. That’s it! Now you’re done.

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