How to Watch FIFA World Cup Live Streaming Matches on Kodi

There are many official broadcast channels that will show live streaming FIFA World Cup all over the world. You can watch the FIFA World Cup in 2022  via the Kodi streams. In this guide, we assume that you have a working Kodi installation because you need to install some unofficial add-ons to watch the live TV streams.

I will show you the best Kodi addons for watching the FIFA World Cup in 2022 live streams on Kodi. These FIFA World Cup Kodi add-ons work for any device that supports Kodi, such as Amazon FireStick, PC, mobile phones, Xbox One, etc.

32 international soccer teams come together to compete for dominance on the Russian grass in the biggest sporting event in the world – FIFA World Cup in 2022. The event starts on June 14 and lasts more than a month. Hundreds of millions of football fans remain addicted to their TV and hundreds of thousands watch the stadiums live. The football World Cup is not just any sporting event, it is a full month of celebration for many. So, how are you going to watch the Livestream this year? If it’s Kodi, in this article you can learn how to stream FIFA live with Kodi addons.

How to watch FIFA Football World Cup in 2022 on Kodi

FIFA World Cup in 2022 is broadcast on a number of satellite channels worldwide and will be officially available for online streaming on various websites. But for a Kodi enthusiast, nothing fits better. Many of our readers have asked us how to watch the FIFA World Cup in 2022 on Kodi. Finally, we are here with our comprehensive guide. We’ve explored and picked some of the best Kodi addons that will give you access to this football carnival on your FireStick / PC / smartphone or any other Kodi box. If there are new developments, we will keep you informed. Come and party !!

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming met BBC iPlayer WWW Kodi Addon

iPlayer WWW is a Kodi sports add-on that is the front of the iPlayer website of the very popular and oldest broadcaster, BBC. This add-on offers many streams for different sports including football, rugby, F1, and more.

BBC is the official broadcaster of the FIFA Football World Cup in 2021 in the United Kingdom. If you want to stream the broadcast for free over the internet, iPlayer WWW becomes one of the best options. What’s really great is that this add-on is legal and completely free.

However, there is a minor problem with this add-on. Her streams are geographically limited to residents of the United Kingdom. If you live outside the UK, you cannot download the stream. But that’s okay; we know how to fix this problem with a Kodi VPN. More about VPNs later; let’s first learn how to install iPlayer WWW on Kodi.

# 1. Launch Kodi and select ‘Add-ons’ from the left sidebar

how to watch FIFA World Cup on Kodi

# 2. Now select the ‘Package Installation’ icon (looks like an open box) at the top left

FIFA World Cup live stream on Firestick Kodi

# 3. Selecteer nu ‘Install from Repository’

best FIFA World Cup Kodi add-ons

# 4. Selecteer nu ‘Kodi Add-on Repository’

best Kodi addons for FIFA World Cup

# 5. Open ‘Video Add-ons’ on the next screen

Scroll down and open iPlayer WWW. You will have to scroll a lot because it is a large list

check out fifa world cup on kodi

# 7. Press the ‘Install’ button at the bottom right of the next screen

FIFA FIFA World Cup live stream on Kodi

# 8. Select only the latest version in the Kodi Add-on Repository. If you have another repository installed that is also the case features iPlayer WWW, do not use it

Kodi add-ons to watch live FIFA World Cup

# 9. Now wait for the ‘Add-on Installed’ message to appear in the top right corner of the screen

how to watch live FIFA World Cup streaming in the USA

# 10. Return to the Kodi home screen and open ‘Add-ons’ again

fifa world cup live streaming on kodi

# 11. Now select ‘Video Add-ons’ and you will see the BBC iPlayer add-on being added to the list

fifa world cup live stream op firestick

# 12. Open iPlayer WWW add-on and open ‘Categories’ from the following list

how to watch FIFA FIFA World Cup on Kodi

# 13. On the next screen, scroll down and open ‘Sports’

iplayer www kodi addon for fifa

You can now view the list of all available streams in the Sports category. Since the World Cup has not started at the time of writing this guide, you cannot see any streams for it. But this is the section that will most likely feature live streams for the in 2022 FIFA World Cup.

is iPlayer WWW not streaming in your area? No problem! Here’s the cure

When trying to play a stream via iPlayer I ran into the following error:

how to use iplayer www kodi addon outside uk

As I said, BBC iPlayer is geographically limited within the UK. If you are located in the US / Canada or another country, the streams just won’t play.

Do not be disappointed! We have an incredible solution for you that connects your internet connection to an IP address in the UK and lets you play iPlayer WWW without any problem.

You can use a VPN service to completely move your IP without having to move an inch. The best thing about a VPN is that it also hides all your internet activities from prying eyes.

I use and recommend ExpressVPN which is the fastest VPN. It is Kodi friendly and gives you an unbeatable buffering of the free streaming experience. ExpressVPN offers hundreds of servers worldwide, many of which are in the UK. You just need to choose a UK server. Once connected, you can return to Kodi and restart the iPlayer WWW add-on.

Live stream FIFA World Cup met Fox Sports GO Kodi Addon

FOX is the official broadcaster of the in 2021 World Cup in the United States. Fox Sports Go is the web frontend of this satellite TV network. You can stream all sports programs currently broadcast by FOX at

But browser streaming is not always as fun and qualitative as app streaming. Mobile browsers are mainly buggy and prone to crashes. You can download the FOX Sports Go app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. However, for a Kodi user, the Kodi experience is unbeatable.

Fortunately, Fox Sports Go has an official Kodi add-on that you can install directly from the official Kodi Repository.

The Fox Sports Go add-on will only work if you have a subscription from one of the authorized cable TV providers in the US. This means that you must be a US resident and have a satellite TV connection from a provider in the country. Here is the list of all FOX supported cable TV operators:

This page shows the list of featured cable TV providers. You can click on ‘More TV providers’ for the full list of providers.

The good news is that if you already have the FOX Sports subscription through your TV provider, you can watch FOX Sports Go on Kodi for free. If your TV package does not include FOX Sports, just happen to contact your TV provider and download it now to enjoy the Fox Sports Go Kodi add-on.

Now let’s learn how to install and use FOX Sports Go Kodi Addon to watch the live stream of FIFA World Cup in 2022.

# 1. Select Add-ons from the left sidebar of the Kodi home screen

fox sports go kodi addon

# 2. Click on the ‘Package Installation’ icon in the top left corner (looks like a Dropbox icon or open box icon)

how to watch FIFA on Fox Sports, go to Kodi Addon

# 3. Select ‘Install from repository’ on the next screen

how to watch fifa live stream in USA

# 4. Open ‘Kodi Add-on repository’

soccer world cup kodi addons

# 5. Open ‘Video Add-ons’ on the next screen

watch the football world cup go fox sports

Scroll down and open ‘FOX Sports Go’ from the list of add-ons

how to watch the football world cup

# 7. Click ‘Install’ at the bottom right to install the add-on

soccer world cup live stream resources

# 8. You will know that the add-on has been installed as soon as you see the ‘Add-on Installed’ notification at the top right (image below)

where to watch FIFA World Cup

# 9. Now return to the Kodi home screen by pressing the Backspace button and selecting ‘Add-ons’ again

Kodi add-ons for live World Cup soccer streams

# 10. Open ‘Video Add-ons’ from the left sidebar then select ‘FOX Sports Go’ from the list of installed add-ons

how to install fox sports go kodi addon

# 11. You should now see a pop-up with the activation code. You must now sign in to your TV provider at using the activation code

how to activate fox sports, go to kodi

# 12. Here’s what the web page looks like. Enter the activation code and click the Submit button

fox sports go activatiecode

Now you need to log in to your cable TV provider

fox sports go cable providers

If your TV provider is not listed on this page, click the “More TV Providers” link. You will see a page with the full list:

activate fox sports go on kodi

Simply select your TV provider and log in with your login details. For example, if you have a service subscription with Comcast Xfinity, it would look like this:

activate fox sports go with xfinity cable

If you don’t have a username or credentials, you can click ‘Create one’ at the bottom right of the page. To continue, you need your mobile number with Comcast Xfinity, Social Security number, or Xfinity account number. This is roughly how it works for all service providers.

Installeer Fox Sports Go for FIFA World Cup

Once signed into the TV provider, go back to Kodi and press OK.

To summarize quickly, to watch live World Cup with FOX Sports Go on Kodi, you need a physical cable TV connection from one of the TV providers in the US. The FOX Sports Go add-on can be activated by registering with your TV provider with the activation code.

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So, here is our list of the best Kodi addons that will let you live to stream the FIFA Football World Cup in 2022. As I said, if there are any new developments, I will keep you informed and informed through this article. The World Cup is still almost a week away, and things change with Kodi add-ons, sometimes quite quickly. Many new add-ons can also be introduced by then. Do not worry! I’m on the lookout all the time and stay on top of it. I’ll make sure you have many options to watch this sporting event before it even starts. Keep visiting this article from time to time to stay tuned. Kodi supports a number of add-ons for sports, and the ones we’ve listed are probably the top contenders.

Enjoy watching World Cup matches live stream

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