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The new iPad is a beautiful thing and will attract a lot more people to the platform, so the big question is; which iPad 3 should you get? The answer is quite simple: buy the 16GB Wi-Fi model. Here are four reasons why the base model is perfect, and an attempt to answer questions about color and the never-ending Verizon vs AT&T debate.

  1. 16 GB is enough: The average person mainly uses an iPad to browse the Internet, read and write emails, and use a handful of apps. 16 GB of storage is more than enough for these tasks, and as long as you don’t plan on storing a lot of music or movies on the device, it’s very unlikely that you’ll run out of space. Remember, things like Netflix, Pandora, iTunes Match, and iCloud stream video and audio to the device instead of saving them, so you won’t be using a lot of space with those apps either.
  2. Wi-Fi is everywhere, no need for 4G LTE: Most people don’t need an iPad with a cellular connection. First, studies show that most people use the iPad with home Doing something in the evening like sitting on the couch while watching TV. Second, the next iPhone will almost certainly have 4G LTE. What does an iPhone have to do with the iPad? Wi-Fi hotspot of course! You can already do this with the 3G connection of an iPhone, and soon you will be able to share the 4G LTE connection of the next generation iPhone with the Wi-Fi iPad model, plus other devices. To be honest, everyone I know with a 3G iPad never or rarely uses the 3G capability, let alone out with the device. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous these days, especially when your iPhone can spawn a hotspot. Save money.
  3. price: This is obvious, but it is the cheapest model, why spend more for it features that you probably won’t use and for space you probably don’t need?
  4. Best Resale ValueThe cheapest model has its resale value best, while the 32GB, 64GB and all 3G models quickly lose their price premium in the resale market.

Keep in mind that the specifications of iPad 3 are the same except for the storage capacity and 4G capacity. All models have the same beautiful Retina display, all models have the same processor and graphics capabilities, and all models have the same camera. The only other difference between models ends up being the availability during the early months, with the 16GB models tending to sell out faster than anything else. To avoid that, you may want to pre-order now.

How about color?This will be a matter of opinion. The black model tends to make images on the screen look their best, simply because a black border is less distracting and instead emphasizes images on the screen. On the other hand, the white model doesn’t show nearly as many fingerprints and smudges, and the white iPad, in turn, looks much cleaner than the black model. Ultimately, color comes down to choice, but ask yourself: Do you want the iPad to look cleaner? Or do you want the iPad edge to emphasize what’s on the screen? I personally prefer the black model, but for an iPad that is used a lot, a white model will look nicer as fingerprints are not really visible up all the way to the border.

Fuck You, I want the 4G LTE model anyway. Should I get Verizon or AT&T?Ultimately, this depends on your service area and where you want to use the iPad. Coverage and reception quality varies between Verizon and AT&T, and you probably know your location better than anyone. Data plans for both carriers currently cost the same, although Verizon offers a 10 GB plan that AT&T doesn’t. How you would consume 10GB of data on an iPad is beyond me, you should stream a lot of movies I guess.

How about iPad 2 for $ 399?Personally, I think the Retina display will be such a big difference that it’s worth the extra $ 100 to get the iPad 3. Yes, the iPad 2 for $ 399 is a great deal, but chances are once you see the screen of an iPad 3 I wish you had one, much like the iPhone 4’s screen looks better by leaps and bounds looks than that of the iPhone 3GS. However, if you don’t care about screen quality, be sure to save yourself $ 100. Actually, you can save $ 150 and buy a refurbished iPad 2 for $ 349 from the Apple Online Store.

Do you agree with this advice? Do you disagree with that? Let us know in the comments.

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