WordPress VS Tumblr: Comparing Two Best Blogging Platforms

In the continuous development of blog platforms today, you are not to choose where to settle down a bit tangled? The discussion on the blog platform, many of which are from the developer’s point of view, while ignoring the fact that there are a lot of people is not living in the world code. So, from a rational point of view, I hope to help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses, which allows students to make rational choices.

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Data comparison

WordPress.com and Tumblr site data point of view, the number of light blog platform Tumblr blog so far about 22,410,000 49,260,000 number of WordPress blog (this data plus wordpress.org open source to establish personal website the sum of the blog on wordpress.com hosted).
The author in writing this article, Tumblr today, 34,132,487 new posts released, far more than the wordpress.com 390,690 logs and 313,915 comments. WordPress.com data does not include those who own personal website using WordPress open source building, but in view of the Tumblr can achieve such a result in the case of four years behind, really amazing.

The advantage of the two platforms

  1. Are free, which means you do not have to spend money to be able to use, although the development of the two platforms is not necessarily free.
  2. Can be installed the free theme.
  3. The two platforms can custom design and functionality.
  4. The two platforms are part of the cms (content management system), as long as you can to the internet, anywhere can be updated.
  5. Both platforms can be your name as a keyword in the search engines find you faster.
  6. Both are easy to use, but if you are not very familiar with computers and the internet, still requires some learning.
  7. Tumblr and wordpress.com are very popular and well maintained both export article.
  8. Two platforms are allowed to import articles from other cms platforms (like blogger).

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Function and control

WordPress content management system is a powerful, easy-to-use background can adjust navigation, page, plugin, sidebar and gadgets. WordPress can be installed on your own server so that students can fully control their own blog. Of course, you can also use wordpress.com create a hosted blog (in this respect similar to Tumblr). WordPress multi-user use, other writers can also be responsible for the content of the update, even if the main cause of special circumstances can not be updated regularly.

Tumblr can not be installed on a server, for now, you can only use tumblr.com hosting platform. Tumblr provide free secondary domain name (similar laygle.tumblr.com) can also bind your own top-level domain (domestic walls). You can completely control your tumblr’s content, and you can export them to move to another platform.

Summary: wordpress can create your own server, you can fully grasp all the blog. Tumblr can only be hosted on tumblr.com, expansion less able than wordpress.

WordPress VS Tumblr: Cost and availability

Tumblr is a typical cheap because it does not need to be installed and configured as you like WordPress. Tumblr is free to use, we designed a custom Tumblr skin than the cost to be much lower since the cost of custom WordPress themes, Tumblr code small workload. Tumblr to provide users with a very friendly and as easy to share multimedia content and writing articles. The Tumblr application can help you update your Tumblr blog on smartphones and other mobile devices.

WordPress.com free hosting, WordPress personal blog than on their own servers to establish the functional aspects or worse. Therefore, the cost of WordPress is that the costs of the server, custom theme design and development of some custom function. WordPress background is very good, important powerful, and can be quite simpler to share multimedia like pictures, audios, videos etc.

Summary: WordPress and Tumblr can write a blog, share pictures and music video content, comparatively speaking, Tumblr operations and easier than WordPress, but Tumblr does not have the powerful features of WordPress.

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Design and customization

WordPress can page, post pages, home design page layout, this is a very good choice for us to make a personalized blog or corporate website.

Tumblr can also edit the HTML code and CSS styles, but it will be applied to all of your pages, page by modifying the CSS style to make him look different from the other pages, but it is also very limited.

WordPress to support small tools and plug-ins, you can not use the code will be able to achieve a lot of features dazzling, but Tumblr custom code to achieve some pseudo-plug functions.

Summary: these two platforms, custom page beautifully, but WordPress more scalability and flexibility.

WordPress VS Tumblr: Social tool integration

Tumblr carefully crafted a social performance. You can set up a Tumblr post the link automatically publish a new post on twitter, and automatic feedback to your blog. In facebook, you can set up your facebook when you write Tumblr log will also display its contents, and that the facebook friends also can enjoy with your masterpiece. For some reason, your friends to see your log impossible all day hang up in your website, then you can set in the background, RSS, they can automatically get you updated via RSS new post. Simple code, you can also integrate small pendant twitter or facebook in your Tumblr themes.

In WordPress, you need to use a plug-in to accomplish the same thing. Twitter and facebook all similar pendant can be easily inserted into a WordPress theme, but you have to find the correct location of the job in the WordPress theme file. Jiathis.com such as social sharing tools website development also requires a certain understanding in order to perform its function on the website.


This two platforms in the social aspects dealt with very well, difference is that to the Tumblr to achieve these functions easier

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Friends and comments

Tumblr WordPress advantages, in terms of friends and fans than you can follow him, he can also follow you, like twitter and facebook. The students can see the messages posted by friends, in their own dashboard you can reblog these posts or click on the  type flag to agree with them. This WordPress unmatched because it is built on a platform with social features.

WordPress blog reviews have evolved into a network community, is very much popular WordPress blog comments. The wordpress review is built-in tumblr you must be registered disqus id, then their code into your tumblr theme. Of course, disqus can be used in wordpress (replace the default comment system). It should be noted that, disqus is a very good comment system, it provides a number of powerful features, you can promote visitor participation, active access behavior.

Summary: Tumblr follows mechanisms we like its an important reason. As long as you are willing, you can not just read the posts of friends, you can also reblog express their views.

WordPress VS Tumblr: Authors permission

Tumblr is through a username and password to login, WordPress can multiple multi-level permission of the author. If you need more than one of the same blog write log, then you can use WordPress, Tumblr is not.

WordPress VS Tumblr: E-commerce

You can either touch sale of goods and services, but more limited in Tumblr than WordPress. You can add a paypal or google chekout button in your Tumblr log or the page, you can also add any html code platform (such as wordpress), for others to buy goods or services.

WordPress has lots of e-commerce plug-in can be used, if you need to sell a lot of the type or quantity of a commodity, you will find Tumblr too restrictive. And we can use the free WordPress e-commerce plugin to design a shopping site can sell any goods.

Summary: if you have a few products, then you can add PayPal and other products to your Tumblr site sales. If you need a shopping cart, and the type or quantity of goods, using the WordPress e-commerce plugins is definitely a wise choice.

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WordPress VS Tumblr: Search engine optimization

All in one SEO pack WordPress can add a variety of plug-ins to Theme to make it more popular to search engines, such as well-known is a very good plug.

In comparison between google and Tumblr these problems. Reblog button, we can not only to refer to other people’s articles, but you can add your own content, tags, and even custom URL, we can also get a backlink from the reference source. So that we can create a Tumblr blog has a lot of repercussions links and content-rich in a short time, this easy-to-use manner is one of the biggest advantages of Tumblr, maybe not the biggest, but the Google does not like.

As we all know, the website optimization biggest value is the content and the repercussions links, which accounted for a very significant proportion of the site’s ranking in google. Such as Tumblr has a lot of duplicate content and there are a lot of rubbish repercussions linked the website, of course, would not be welcome by google.

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