Huawei confirms its first foldable smartphone will also be its first 5G phone

In 2019, as carriers all over the world turn on the 5G network, not only the first commercial folding mobile phones but also the first 5G devices are brought to us so smart phones I am trying to experience an exciting year in the field. Huawei has confirmed that the first folding handset is also the first 5G phone to add conspiracy to the mystery.

Mr. Huawei said that he would like to put pressure on Samsung by launching the world's first foldable smartphone earlier this year. It was widely accepted that Samsung claimed this title unless it was notified to Huawei. Samsung is planning to announce the details of the first folding mobile phone at the developer conference in November.

Several weeks ago, Huawei borrowed a folding handset at IFA 2018, suggesting that a device with a collapsible display could replace the computer.

Earlier this week, Huawei's president Ken Hu said on the Panel of the World Economic Forum, its first 5 G phone has a foldable display.

"Our first [5G] Smartphones, foldable screens are introduced communication. He did not reveal other details on the phone and the panel focused on the advantages of 5G in a short time rather than a device.

It is reasonable to support 5G support within a new form factor mobile phone as foldable cell phones have larger battery capacity and more space for mobile phones. Additional antenna. 5G will require more autonomy, reported reports, and different antenna bays.

President Hu Jintao also said the phone will arrive in 2019.

I do not know if Samsung's first folding cell phone is compatible with 5G, but Samsung said Galaxy S10 scheduled to be released in early 2019 is not the first 5G mobile phone. In November, you can learn more about Samsung's most exciting mobile phone years ago. However, even if Samsung announces Galaxy F this year, it should not be seen at the store by 2019.


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