Huawei P20 Pro review: Three rear cameras, and many more Reviews

Huawei's new P20 and P20 Pro are updated from P10 and P10 Plus. The main topic of discussion prior to the launch of the P20 Pro was its three-camera back-end configuration, which, combined with AI features, offers outstanding photographic performance, especially in low-light situations.

Smart phones – especially high-end phones – are often described as "everything about cameras", but there are many other features that differentiate them, and this flagship phone from 799 £ (VAT included) has much more to offer than three rear cameras.

The glass back plate is not my favorite style as it is reflective, attracts fingerprints and makes the handset slippery enough to hold. Small hands, like mine, have trouble grasping the handset for one-handed use, and the phone slips easily over soft surfaces like chairs and sofas. Just as well, then, the P20 Pro has an IP67 protection rating for infiltration of dust and water.

Despite the hustle and bustle around them, the rear cameras are not particularly visually striking. It can be said that the most notable feature is the way the main pair of lenses significantly exceeds the back of the phone 7.8 mm thick

The flagship product of Huawei P20 Pro runs on AI-chipset Kirin 970 optimized with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This is a dual-SIM IP67 handset with a 6.80-inch by 2,240-pixel display of 6.1 inches, weighing 180g.

Image: Huawei

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