Huawei will allow all telephone users to access "performance mode" after controversy

Huawei has done cheating on the benchmark test, and now he is about to be forgiven. Today, the company announced that he insists that the user respects the right to put the phone into "performance mode" and to choose what consumers should do with the device. Power. Users can do this from EMUI 9.0, which is a future version of Huawei's operating system.

this week, AnandTech Huawei optimizes smartphones so that it exceeds the benchmark test, especially the 3DMark program. In this way, 3D Mark removed P20, P20 Pro, Nova 3, Honor Play from ranking. The phone was coded to detect this software and the performance was adjusted accordingly. They did not work well with unrecognized programs. In other words, the phone can not truly identify when it is necessary to improve performance and did not accurately represent a typical use case.

The fact that Huawei opens the mode of performance is not very meaningful. It is clear that this meets the needs of users interested in performance testing and is trying to access demand for the best performance. However, this is useful for players who want to activate before playing. But 3DMark creators says to recover Huawei's benchmark score as soon as opening a performance mode on all mobile phones, but it does not hurt Huawei's misconduct.

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Huawei will allow all telephone users to access "performance mode" after controversy

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